Some people are really confused about how to grow from beginner to pro. You have to be committed to the Instagram platform now more than ever before thanks to the new Instagram update. They want their platform to be the one-stop destination for all content creators. So it's either like a ride or die situation, or you might find yourself stuck in a rut trying to grow. If used correctly, Instagram is a great tool to help you grow your business. So how should one go about it?

You should know what value you are providing every time you post. You need to know your niche for that. So what exactly is a niche, and how do you define it? Let’s say you are a startup that is aiming to grow its business with an Instagram account. Some parts of your post might seem interesting to some audiences.

A niche is a topic or a specific category within which you plan all the content that you are going to post and that your niche is something that should catch the attention of the audience. Some popular niches are Beauty, Fashion, Health and Fitness, Food & Cooking, memes, etc. If you know what your niche is, great! Now you should be able to use that knowledge to grow and create share-worthy content.

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You really need to know your industry, study it, look for what people are reposting on their stories and use that as inspiration. Unless you are deeply invested in the topic you are going to post about, if you just choose a niche because it's high paying, it would not work out in the long run.

Quality > Quantity: How to Grow from Beginner to Pro?

These are some rules of thumb suggested by the Instagram masterclass on how to grow from beginner to pro;

On stories: Daily

Post: 3-5 times a week

Reels: 4-7 times a week

IGTV, Live, Guides: Once a week

You can switch things up according to your own preference. Post as you would usually, however, don't let the content that you are going to post-run into annoying spam. Your audience should feel you've got a real interest in what you're doing.

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Make sure you post quality content. And the easiest way to make your content look high quality is to have a cohesive feed. So How to grow from beginner to Pro? The key to an aesthetic feed is to choose your brand colors and sticking to them. Just pick 3-5 colors that you feel go well together and use them. Your colors will evolve just like your content.

How to grow from beginner to Pro
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SEO and keywords research is an important part of building your startup on Business. Another thing is that there is an obvious push for video content in the past year, so the sooner you hop on that trend, the better it is for your startup.

Instagram Beginner

How to grow from beginner to Pro Audience engagement is a crucial part of growing your startup on Instagram. It grows and updates by the second, and the algorithm actually prioritises accounts that tend to use most of the tools. Stories are an amazing way to increase engagement. They look totally different, feel totally different, and provides you the prospect to have interaction in numerous ways.

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Since they last only twenty-four hours, you'll be able to afford to be a lot of relaxed and private, which is able to charm some users. And don’t forget the classics, interact with your audience by replying to comments, taking polls, and Q&A sessions.

How to grow from beginner to Pro
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Not all of your followers are going to be the ones to stick around it takes consistent effort, and some luck, to build something that brings traffic to shoot up your startup. Now you know how to grow from beginner to pro. So don’t wait up and get started.