How to Get the Blue Check on Instagram? You must have seen a lot of celebrity accounts with a blue check on Instagram. Have you ever wondered what the blue check is for? If you want to get a blue check on Instagram, keep reading below to know everything related. 

What is the meaning of a verification badge on Instagram?

The blue tick on Instagram has turned out to be one of the most wanted symbols in the world of social media. The badge which can be found right beside the name of the user shows that your account is an original presence of a significant public figure or a popular brand.

It is created to distinguish genuine from fake accounts. It was used for the first time by celebrities to make fans sure about the fact that they have found the right profile that they were looking for. For businesses and influencers, the verification has proven to the followers that they are accredited and can help you to build your home brand while showing authenticity and credibility. 

Why is it Important to get the Blue Check on Instagram
How to Get the Blue Check on Instagram? 4

How to apply for a blue check on Instagram?

You will be surprised to know that there are very simple steps to be followed if you want to know how to get the blue check on Instagram. Before the year 2021, there was no way you could ask for the blue tick on Instagram. You just had to anticipate that your account will get a verification badge. Here are the steps that you need to follow: 

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  • Go to setting and tap on the account 
  • Then, tap on request verification 
  • You will be then redirected to the request page of the application on which you need to enter your details including account category, full name, username, share a picture, Known as, etc
  • Lastly, press the send button and you are good to go

What are the things to consider before applying for a blue check on Instagram?

You must remember that not all users on Instagram get the blue check on Instagram. There are a few things that must be considered before you apply for a blue check on Instagram.

  • No rule-breaking 

You should not break the rules of this platform at any cost. If Instagram is providing you with a blue check, they are going to expect you to follow all their rules and regulations.

  • Be original

Instagram certainly wants the users to show what they are, it is inclusive of being original so that people are considered that your business is genuine and registered. 

  • Make your account public 

If you want the blue check on Instagram you must make sure that your account can be viewed by everyone and it is public. If your account is not public, your request for a blue check on Instagram will get rejected. 

  • Be sorted 

The next thing that you must make sure of is that you complete the setup of your Instagram profile before applying for the blue check. This is inclusive of the fact that your account must have an appealing bio that helps the users comprehend what your account is all about. A profile photo shows your originality with a minimum of one post about yourself. 

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  • Avoid cross-promotion 

You should try avoiding sharing any links in the bio of your Instagram account. It directs people to any other social media platform which can help people to add you or follow you. You should only try linking relevant stuff like your store, website, blog, and any other detail which can help people to explore your account.

Blue Check on Instagram
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  • Make a remarkable presence

Instagram will supposedly not verify whether you are representing a reputed, frequently searched user or not. You can be an entity or a brand. So, you need to create a remarkable presence of your own even outside Instagram.

It also assists if you have gained at least a little bit of support from any other website, this will enable Instagram to identify your potential. If you are just at the beginning of your career the best thing for you to do can be to wait for a little before applying for the blue check on Instagram. 

What are the advantages of blue check on Instagram?

If there is a risk of your brand getting imitated, it is recommended that you get the blue check on Instagram. There are many ways in which getting the blue check on your Instagram account can be advantageous for you: 

  • It is a convenient way by which you can increase awareness about your brand amongst people.
  • It helps you in increasing the number of followers in your Instagram account.
  • It helps you to feature the unique aspects of your brand or entity. 
  • It is a useful way by which your brand can be safeguarded against Impostors. 
  • It makes your account more visible to the rest of the Instagram users. 
  • It increases the reliability of your brand or entity amongst the users of Instagram. 
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Accounts that have a blue check on Instagram get very quick access to all other unique features on this application like swipe up on Instagram Stories which need any brand to gain more than 10,000 followers for gaining an access to this tool. Thus, as mentioned above there are many ways in which getting a blue check on Instagram can be beneficial for your brand. But, it is not very easy for a user to get the blue check whenever they want. There are some things to be taken into consideration before you can expect Instagram to provide a blue check to your account. Follow the above-mentioned tips before requesting a blue check on Instagram.