One of the most significant photo-sharing applications globally, Instagram remains on top in terms of the ease to use and the exciting new features it keeps unveiling. They keep adding and testing new versions, and if the response remains good, it stays. Be it the introduction of stories, or reels, or IGTV, or the latest change in the color of direct messages bubble to purple. Instagram has been experimenting with its features for quite some time now. How To Get Purple Messages on Instagram? Because they have been going solid. For the most part, the response they receive is exceptional, and this keeps them motivated to do better.


How To Get Purple Messages on Instagram
How To Get Purple Messages on Instagram? 10

In February, Instagram announced this new feature where the messages in direct message changed from the iconic and essential grey and white to purple. This wasn’t where Instagram stopped. The colour of the message box was a fading purple. It looked like it was changing from purple to blue. This left people in complete split because this is one of the most unique and eye-catching features introduced and nothing was pre-informed. A lot of people accepted this, and a lot believed that the earlier version was the best. But with the sea of appreciation which Instagram received when this happened, this feature was there to stay.

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How To Get Purple Messages on Instagram – Guidelines

Version 128.0 was released on 10th February, and while it matched with the theme of Instagram, it was a sort of fresh air and nothing quite expected. It created a whirlwind when many people received this feature automatically. A lot of people were still stuck with the traditional grey and white texting feature. On the one hand, the purple looked super cute, so everyone missing out on it was upset and confused about what to do and how to get it.

Since this feature is directly linked with the messenger as Instagram DMs are now based on Facebook messenger, you might not be able to go back to the previous versions if you switch this update on. How To Get Purple Messages on Instagram?

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Update Your App

How To Get Purple Messages on Instagram?
  1. The first step to change the theme of your DMs is to update the app you are currently using. Since all the features usually come to iOS first, you can go to the app store and update the app if you don’t see it on your Instagram. The same goes for Android users.
  2. Once your app is updated, open the application. You will see a message popping up introducing you to the new feature. Instagram usually displays a story highlight on your stories at the top, where they teach the quality in detail.
  3. Go to your profile and then select on the three lines icon at the top.
  4. Open the settings option and click on update messaging. Choose the blue update icon, and this will change the whole look of your DMs.
  5. Go back to your chat-bot, and you will see the classic DM icon will be replaced by the messenger icon. This is where you know the update is finally working.
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How To Change Theme And Color?

With the theme feature installed, you can change the theme of the chat. The color of the chat bubble that appears on the screen. You can do this with the following steps.

  1. Click on the messenger icon, which will open the chat menu, and you can view all your conversations from there.
  2. Since this update is for one particular exchange, choose the conversation you want to change the theme and colour for. 
  3. After clicking on that convo, click on the “I” option at the top.
  4. Click on the option of “theme”, and you will see a collection of themes like Love, tie-dye, Halloween, direct classic, etc.
  5. For the iconic purple theme, click on the direct classic theme and then move towards the colours and gradient option.
  6. Click on “default” to get the classic purple colour, and this will notify the person you are having this conversation with too about the theme change.
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You can have the cute little purple chat theme with these steps, and this looks incredibly pretty and decent. Click here for more information.