Launched in 2010, Instagram has been gaining prominence since then due to its functions and usability. It’s a platform to share pictures and videos and other content. Along with that, Instagram lets its users post stories. These stories can be about anything you love. If you want a larger crowd to view your stories, knowing how to get more Instagram story views is beneficial for you. 

how to get more Instagram story views
How To Get More Instagram Story Views? 4

Benefits of posting Instagram stories to promote yourself

If you are a business person, brand owner, influencer, fashion model or a regular Instagrammer, Instagram stories are very beneficial to promote yourself and your brand. Here is why:- 

  1. Instagram stories provide an insight into your product:- If you are a business or brand owner, you can use Instagram stories to provide information or details about your products. You can post pictures of your products on your story to showcase the range and types of products your brand or business offers. 
  2. Get recognized by agencies and companies:- As a fashion model or influencer, recognition of big labels and agencies is a great thing. Almost every agency and company have resorted to Instagram to find a perfect model or influencer to promote their brand. You can get recognized by huge agencies and companies by posting your pictures or portfolio on Instagram stories. If an organization views your story and they like it, they might contact you for a collaboration. 
  3. Post Questions and Answers:- On Instagram stories, you can post questions and answers to know what people like or what they expect from your products and services. This is a great way to gain feedback and reviews for your brand and business. 
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Along with that, you can post polls on your story to know which products are high in demand by the customers and which products need enhancements. 

how to get more Instagram story views
How To Get More Instagram Story Views? 5

How to get more Instagram story views? 

When you create content for the story with all your time and effort, you must get the views it deserves. For this purpose, you must learn how to get more Instagram story views. 

Here are the top 5 ways on how to get more Instagram views. 

  1. Post a limited number of stories at a time:- To get more views on your stories, make sure that you post a limited number of pictures or videos in one go. When the number of stories is minimal, it will keep the attention of the viewers throughout. More stories will lead them to skip most of them. However, fewer stories will make them stay and view all of them. 
  2. Post a variety of content:- A variety of content on Instagram is loved by all. Make sure to post pictures, videos, gifs, boomerangs, etc. on different themes. Try to use different filters and effects for your content that will provide variety to the viewers. 
  3. Ask questions to your viewers:- Instagram stories can be used to post templates asking questions to your viewers. People love to share details about them. So if you ask questions and engage with your viewers in stories, chances are that they will keep coming to your stories to answer your questions and interact with you. 
  4. Tag the right people:- When you post content on your stories, you can tag people in it. When you tag someone in your stories, they would love to see what you have posted. They might even post your story on their story which will provide you with more views. 
  5. Host giveaways:- Hosting giveaways on your stories is an effective way to get more views. You can ask the viewers to post your giveaway story on their stories. This will attract the attention of their followers as well. 
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Time to wrap up

Wise and effective use of Instagram is highly beneficial for a business, company, influencer, content creator, etc. Follow the above-mentioned ways to gain more views on your Instagram stories. 

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