Instagram is an excellent platform that was developed by Facebook and was launched on the 6th of October in the year 2010. It provides various features to its users but one of the prime features that might help you especially these days is the dark mode feature of Instagram. Due to the pandemic situation, we are all stuck in a digitalized form of work. You are using your phone throughout the day. It is hence very important to save your battery from the wanted usage of power consumption. 

A dark mode is a form of mode that helps you to save the energy consumption of your device and is also good for your eyes. As you work throughout the day over your mobile phone, it might affect your eyes but the dark mode that is available on Instagram reduces the effect of the bright screen on your eyes. 

How to Get Dark Mode on Instagram
How to Get Dark Mode on Instagram? 3

If you are keen to know how to get dark mode on Instagram then you’re probably at the very right place. We would be providing in detail all the steps that you are supposed to follow to switch your phone into dark mode. With this, you will be able to save energy consumption on your device as well as reduce the effect of these devices on the health of your eyes. Continue reading further to know all about the same.

How to get dark mode on Instagram?

We suggest you keep your curiosity high and continue reading further. This latest feature allows you to go completely dark and thus gives comfort to your eyes and rest to your phone’s battery. The process of turning into a dark mode for your Instagram is different for both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

An interesting fact is that you will not be able to find an option of dark mode directly within the platform of Instagram; rather you are required to visit the settings of your phone to switch the dark mode option. The process for both the Android and iOS devices to turn down lights and to go in complete dark mode has been mentioned below. 

Dark mode of Instagram on iOS

As mentioned above, the process of turning on the Instagram dark mode is different for both and Android devices. However, the steps to get the dark mode on an iOS device have haven mentioned below. Try strictly following them to complete the whole process in the most convenient way. 

  • The first step as you could assume is to open up your mobile phone and make sure that you have updated your device to the very latest version so that there is no difficulty to follow the process.
  • As you are done with updating your mobile phone to its latest version, the next step that you will carry forward is to download the latest update of the Instagram application. You need to update the Instagram application as otherwise, the process might not work. 
  • Once you have updated your phone as well as the Instagram application to its latest version, we then suggest you open the settings of your mobile device to get the dark mode on Instagram.
  • After visiting the settings option on your iOS mobile device, then visit the display and brightness option that you would see in the settings section.
  • After following the former step, you would then see an option of dark mode after tapping on the display and brightness option.
  • Tap on the dark mode. As you tap on it, you would get an option of either turning on the dark mode or switch it on & off automatically. The switching off might be based on either the daylight hours or you could schedule the timing for the same.
  • Once you are done with the whole process you could now start enjoying your Instagram application with the Instagram dark mode.

As mentioned above, Instagram does not have its dark mode feature. All you could enjoy is by setting up the dark mode option from your mobile’s settings itself. As we are done with explaining to you the process of turning on the Instagram dark mode from your iOS device, we would suggest you proceed to the next section especially if you are an Android user.

Dark mode of Instagram on Android

Instagram dark mode
How to Get Dark Mode on Instagram? 4

If you do not have an iOS mobile device and you wish to know the process of turning on the Instagram dark mode on your Android device then continue reading as we got you covered. The section below will help you understand the whole process in a stepwise manner about turning on Instagram’s dark mode. So, keep reading.

  • The process is not much different for Android devices you will be required to update your mobile phone as well as an Instagram application to its latest version as mentioned above
  • The next step is to visit the settings of your mobile phone to get the dark mode on Instagram.
  • After visiting the settings section, you are required to visit the display section that you see and then tap on the advanced option.
  • As you tap on the advanced option, you would be directed to a page where you will find an option of a dark mode on your theme menu.
  • So, as you could assume the next step will be to turn on your dark mode to start using your Instagram account with the dark mode.

These were the steps that you are supposed to follow. These steps that have been mentioned are not much different from the step that a person with an iOS mobile device would have to follow to get Instagram dark mode.

Instagram is an excellent application that helps an individual or organizations to promote themselves as well as the products or services they offer. It is a great platform for one to express themselves and become popular by creating informative and attractive content. If you have a habit of constantly using your mobile phone, we suggest you get Instagram dark mode to give a rest to your mobile’s battery and provide comfort to your eyes at the night. To do so follow the steps mentioned in the post above.