You need to make an App on Facebook that is meant for developers before you want to get your access token. You can also try by first increasing the number of Instagram followers. Do you want to know how to get an Instagram client Id (access token)? If yes, follow these steps. 

Steps to Follow On How to Get an Instagram Client Id (Access Token)-

1. Open the Facebook app and log in 

2. Go to the Facebook developers account tab. For developers, Facebook is an independent service. You can use your present Facebook account or create a new one using the code that will be sent to your mobile on your registered mobile number. 

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How to Get an Instagram Client Id
How To Get An Instagram Client Id? 10

3. Add The New App- a modal window will open as soon as you click on the create app button. There on the window, you need to specify what will your app do. Basically, about the functions of your app. First, you need to select and click on more options. To register with a customized permission set, you need to choose the "something else" option.

4. Register Your New App- a window will open up as soon as you add an app. There, you have to do the following:

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Add the name of your app

Add your email address

You can even connect your manager's account if you have one

You may also be required to clear the "I'm not a robot" section.

5. Instagram basic display configuration- after you are successfully done doing all of this, you will be directed to a new window where you will be required to do Instagram display configuration and then add a tester to get your access token.

How to Get an Instagram Client Id
How To Get An Instagram Client Id? 11

6. Click on "set up" that you will find under the Instagram basic display- you will find two options after the above step, out of them, you have to choose, Instagram basic display. 

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7. Search your way to the basic display and go to the bottom of the page. Lastly, click on the create new app option- You will directly go to the basic display section. In case you get lost, you can come back to it.

8. Write the name of the app that you chose in step 4- the name of the app will automatically get displayed on the screen. So there's no need to change it. 

9. Then get the access token- to get an access token, you need to add an Instagram test user. 

10. Search your way to the basic display part

11. Search for the add or remove the section of Instagram test users and click on that button

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12. Add your Instagram user id for the account that you are going to add an Instagram test user

13. log into the account that you added as an Instagram test user

14. Click on settings, there you will find websites and apps, and then click on the invites tab (test user)

15. For the approval of the invitation, click on the accept button

16. Go back to the Facebook developers section

17. Find your created app and search your way to the basic display

18. Scroll down to find the user token generator and then click on generate token button

19. From the popped up window, copy the access token that is displayed

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20. The last step is to copy the generated access token to the plugin setting

For utilizing Instagram to its true potential, you should know how to get an Instagram client id (access token). This is one of the most basic queries that comes to people’s minds. This process and steps will help you. Access token and client id are essential keys. Both of these keys are generated through an Instagram developer page by using your account. To use apps based on Instagram, both of these keys are essential. 

Some of these ask for these keys to allow access. The client id and access token are used to get photos, videos, etc. if you want to know how to get an Instagram client id (access token), read this article and know everything. 

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