Instagram is one of the best social media applications for networking and increasing the number of people one knows. Although, it can be a challenging task to get a girl's attention on Instagram for obvious reasons. Even though it is hard, many people don't know how to get a girl's attention on Instagram and be casual with them.

While people are good talkers and conversationalists, they sometimes aren't good when it comes to texting or social media.

If one is in these types or any other types that don’t know how to get a girl's attention on Instagram, there are a few steps one can follow in order to get a girl's attention.

how to get a girls attention on instagram
How to get a girl's attention on Instagram? 4

Be up with the trends.

Keeping up with the trends means don't be dull and old-fashioned. Although old-fashion is good sometimes don’t be too matured for one’s age.

Try to keep up with the trends and follow them regularly, even if for just a bit. Have some dressing sense, keep the chin up and be confident.

No one will bother with a person who doesn’t look confident and is comfortable in their own skin. Therefore remember to be confident, and show it off on the face. 

Ensure that one follows her Instagram account.

If one is serious about getting the girls attention, ensure that one has followed her Instagram account. Along with following, make sure that one has liked the posts genuinely.

Doing these small things will make sure that she thinks one isn’t a random person who is trying to grab her attention but a person who genuinely wants to be her friend.

Learn how to post well.

Just looking confident and following the trends won’t help one to grab the attention. The real skill is clicking good pics and posting them.

Instagram provides plenty of filters that one can use to beautify their images. Although, don't go overboard with the pics or filters, as they can have opposite effects.

Posting isn't just about pictures, one can use stories, reels, and other features of Instagram to grab her attention. Use the hashtags and captions properly as this small stuff add up and become a big thing.

how to get a girls attention on instagram
How to get a girl's attention on Instagram? 5

Keep the profile clean.

Another thing one should keep in mind is don't be a messy person. Keep the intentions clean and let the profile reflect how to get a girl's attention on Instagram.

One’s profile should be a mirror of the personality. Don't make it too bright or too dull. Keep the right amount of pictures, don't go overboard with the stories, and have a proper bio.

It should look like a genuine person’s profile and not some celeb's or someone who likes to show off.

Ensure that the girl follows one’s account.

Another thing one should be aware of is these tips won't be useful unless that girl isn't following one's account. Therefore make sure that the girl one is trying to grab the attention is following the account so that one can show her posts and pictures.

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Have a life.

Don't be a person who just has a life on the internet. Have a real-life, do stuff in reality instead of just being online all the time.

Being there for someone 24/7 just depreciates one's value, and don't put all the eggs in one basket. Another thing one should know is that posting every single thing that happens in life over Instagram isn't cool and one should have some stuff better kept off the internet.

Have selective stories.

Instagram stories are made to light up or show the most interesting part of one’s day. And that is what they should be used for.

Only put the best moment of the day as one's story, and don't bother spamming the story section with tons of stories. No one has that much time to watch 20-30 stories of a single person.

Final words.

There are many other steps on how to get a girl's attention on Instagram. But if one follows these, they are more than enough to grab the attention of a girl. Just be sure to stick with these and follow them thoroughly.