One cannot deny that in modern times, Instagram holds enormous and dominating power. With over 1 billion users, it is the best option for promoting your products and services. However, there is nothing more heart-wrenching than losing access to your posts, stories, etc. Therefore, you need to know how to get a deleted Instagram back hassle-free. But, before jumping to the conclusion, let us start with some basics.

How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back
How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back In 2021? 4

Why is reactivating deleted accounts a task?

Both social media and corporate lives have become more toxic than ever. Consequently, people wish to take a break from everything and enjoy STAY-cation with family. Generally, the first step towards sanity is permanently deleting social media accounts. 

However, there often comes a time when we feel like getting back on track. We miss sharing our lives and finding out who got a new job? Who got married? Where are friends traveling next?

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Fortunately, one can appeal to recover deleted Instagram accounts through multiple ways. So whether you have done the disaster intentionally or unintentionally, you can always resort to the solution.

Most importantly, this journey of recovering what is lost can be tricky and different for everyone. We end up forgetting our passwords, username, or the break ends up being so long that your account is deleted permanently.

If you are also facing such issues, this article will help you discover How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back.  

Things to know beforehand

Users must know that according to Instagram’s policy, they cannot recover their account under certain circumstances. For instance, if there is someone else who deletes their account using the password, restoring it is almost impossible.


Because deleting their account means permanently deleting their posts, likes, comments, and followers. Therefore, if you are planning to try social media detox, temporarily disable your account. You can also download a copy of Instagram data before deleting the account.

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How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back
How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back In 2021? 5

Once you delete your account, you can use the username to create a new account as long as someone else has not taken it. Furthermore, if Instagram removes your account for violating Community Guidelines, you cannot sign up with the same username.

Steps to recover your account (iOS/Android)

  1. Using an Android or iOS smartphone, open the Instagram login page.
  2. Enter your username and password to log in. If your credentials are precise, you will not face any problems. However, if you do not remember your password, follow the next step.
  3. Click on the forget password option that will redirect you to another webpage.
  4. Enter your username and e-mail address to receive a verification link.
  5. Reset the password using that link and reactivate your account with your new password.

If this method was unsuccessful for you, try this one for How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back.

Contacting the Instagram technical support team

  1. Browse the Instagram login page on any device and enter your credentials.
  2. Click on the Get Help Signing In option and choose trouble Signing in your account.
  3. Next, choose the need more help option and enter the e-mail address linked with the account.
  4. The user has to specify the type of account he is using. For this, they can pick between a Company, Personal, and Brand account.
  5. Click on the My Account Was Hacked option that will allow the user to request support.
  6. After completing this step, you can choose an e-mail or phone number to receive the code for verification.
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In addition to this, Instagram also asks the user to follow a few steps for authentication. It includes sending a clear photo of the user with the code written on paper. Finally, the app will soon get back to you with a link to restore your account.

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If you are still wondering How To Get A Deleted Instagram Back,