Many creators have reported that their work is being stolen and sold elsewhere when posted on Instagram. To avoid this, IG has to take certain measures to provide the creators with their rights. If your videos or photos are being removed by Instagram, it may be due to the same issue. And for that, you must know how to fix Instagram copyright issue

What can be copyrighted?

Any original work of the creator can be copyright protected. This includes:

  • Audios: Music, podcasts, songs, speech or other forms of sound recordings, etc.
  • Visuals: Images, photos, paintings, movies, video games, TV shows, Advertisements, video recordings etc.
  • Written content: Articles, content from newspapers and magazines, blogs, poems, stories, novels, scripts, lyrics etc.
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how to fix Instagram copyright issue

Do not use copyrighted content:

The first and foremost way to avoid copyright issues is by preventing the usage of other works. When everyone posts and shares their talents, find yours and stick with it. Being acclaimed for your work is much better than receiving likes for uploading someone else’s content. 

If you can't create your content, what are the other ways of how to fix Instagram copyright issue?

Ways to avoid copyrighted content:

  • Use royalty-free music: Many websites provide content for free music. you need not pay to use it. It can be used by anyone, but none can claim those. 
  • Use copyright-free images: As available for music, some websites provide images without copyrights. 

Fairly using copyrighted content:

The above points may not be applicable for every circumstance. At times, you might need to use content that is copyright protected, in such cases, follow the below tips:

  • Seek permission if possible. If there is a way of contacting the owner of the content, try to make the very use of it to get their approval. 
  • You can purchase content, for example, if you pay for a song in iTunes or Spotify for uploading, it is legal. 
  • You can modify the original content with your creativity.
  • You can record yourself dancing for a song playing in the background with your device. This comes under fair use. 
  • It is better to use disclaimers and give credits to the owners of the content you use. 
  • Do not use copyrighted content in any form to receive financial benefits from it.
  • Making very short videos or using music for very few seconds will not cause a lot of trouble to you.
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These are the ways of how to fix Instagram copyright issue.

Following the fair use policy:

  • Even though you use copyrighted content, and if that comes under the “Fair Use” policy of Instagram, you can very well use it.
  • You can reproduce the original content in the form of educating people. For example, gathering information from various internet sources, books and delivering it in a video format
  • Any content used for research purposes is not considered as violating policies. 
  • Reporting an incident in the form of news is considered to be fair use. 
  • Criticisms, reviews and parodies are not considered to be violating copyright protection.  
how to fix Instagram copyright issue

Understand the efforts of the creators: 

It might annoy you when your uploads are being removed, but for a moment, think of the creators’ determination, creativity and the time he/she spent on creating such a piece. You must respect and give credit to it when used for fair means.

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