Instagram is perhaps the most mobile-friendly and user-friendly social networking platform. It amuses you for hours with its filters, story options, and an explore page filled with the most creative posts.

How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021)
Here Is How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021) 3

Instagram is designed to use on smartphones that is evident by the app’s stunning capabilities. Therefore, people often find difficulty in learning How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021). But since the app is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface, it is a preferred choice for the users.

Therefore, in this article, you will discover two different methods of finding your Instagram URL link.

Get your profile URL on smartphones

This method is for those who like to stick to their smartphones rather than turning on the computer system. It is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You might be shocked to know that all Instagram profiles have the same URL address at the beginning. They follow the same pattern where the only thing that differentiates them is the username.

The Instagram URL goes like-

Copy and paste this URL in the Google search box to find your profile. Also, DO NOT forget to add your username at the end.

Get your Instagram profile URL on laptops or desktop computers

Generally, people use this method more than the previous one as only a few are aware of it. It is fast, easy to understand, and equally effective.

  1. Get your laptop or computer and search Instagram in the Google search box.
  2. Next, open your profile by clicking username on the top right corner.
  3. Copy your profile’s URL address from your browser’s address bar and paste it somewhere.

And now you have the easiest solution for How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021).

How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021)
Here Is How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021) 4

How to find someone else’s URL?

If you are wondering that you will have to download third-party apps for such issues, you are wrong. Finding someone else’s Instagram profile URL is as easy as finding your own. This is how you do it:

  1. First, you type your username and password to log in to your Instagram account on the app.
  2. Next, tap on the magnifying glass option. Type the username of the person in the search box and open their profile.
  3. Tap on the three vertical dots on the right side to open a pop-up with a few options.
  4. Finally, choose the Copy Profile URL option and paste the URL anywhere you wish.

It is an easy way of sharing someone’s Instagram profile if you are doing it on other social media apps. Apart from this, there is a more convenient method for those who share the URL with their Instagram friends.

  1. After logging in, search the profile in the search box.
  2. Open the profile and tap on the three dots.
  3. Choose the Share This Profile option and send it to your Instagram friend whom you want them to connect with.

Can I change my profile URL?

After learning How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021), let us move on to other crucial questions. Can you change your URL?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your Instagram profile URL without changing your username. Your unique username and the URL are directly connected and inseparable. Therefore, if you wish to modify one thing, you also have to deal with the other one simultaneously.

Many times sharing your profile URL on other social media handles is not enough. You have to plan engaging content and upload it consistently so that people don’t unfollow you. It is the only way of increasing your account’s engagement rate.

Apart from this, uploading interactive stories where your followers can answer your questions is also a good idea. They can participate in your personal quiz, choose tomorrow’s outfit, and more such things.

FAQ’s :

  1. How do I find my Instagram URL 2022?

    You can easily save Instagram posts by clicking the post you want to save and copying the URL that appears at the top of the browser. For instance, if your username is “smithjohn”, you can save posts by typing in as URL.

  2. How to find your Instagram profile URL on computer or laptop?

    First, you should get your laptop or computer, then search for Instagram in Google search box. The next step is to click your Instagram username to open your profile from the top right corner. The URL address of your profile should appear in the address bar of your browser.

  3. How to find someone else’s Instagram URL?

    First, you will need to type your Instagram password and username to easily login to your Instagram account. You can open the profile of the person by typing their username in the search box. Now, you need to tap on three vertical dots visible on the right in order to pop-up with some options. Select copy profile URL. The URL will be pasted wherever you like. You can easily copy this URL to your clipboard for sharing to someone further.

  4. What is a person’s Instagram URL?

    When you need to send your Instagram profile URL to someone, or even paste it on a website field, you should use the website version of Instagram instead of using the app. The easiest way to share a person’s Instagram URL is to do it via the Instagram’s official website rather than the Instagram app.

  5. How do you find an Instagram URL?

    First, you need to open your personal Instagram profile, then click your username available in the website’s page upper right corner. Now, simply paste your profile URL into the address bar of your browser.