The value of an IP address has increased tenfold in the past few years. Hackers just need your IP address to get inside your account and do all the malicious activities with just one click. And knowing how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram can make a huge difference.

how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram
How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram? 4

An IP address is nothing but a unique numerical label. This label is assigned to every device that connects to the World wide web or the computer network.

With Internet Protocol, you will get to know if the person you are interacting with belongs to the same location that he claims to be from. So, knowing how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram will make it easier to interact with people at the global level. 

However, there isn’t a real way to find someone’s IP address on Instagram. But you can use some alternative ways to find the IP address. 

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Whatever you post on social media networks, during online transactions, etc., it becomes part of some kind of a permanent record. So, nothing you do or even you as a person stays anonymous online.

Why would you want to find someone’s IP address on Instagram?

To begin with, there are many reasons you would want someone’s IP address on Instagram. You might need their Instagram IP address to know about someone who is harassing you, has involved you in a fraud, etc. Few businesses and advertisers also look for your IP address. They grab your IP address when you visit their website or click on their promotional advertisement dialogue boxes online.

But a scam artist might want to find someone’s IP address to commit some crime in their name. Why? Because once you have access to someone’s IP address on Instagram, you can access all their private and personal information. You can build an Instagram profile based on your interests and gain various insights about their life. These include their name, location, banking information, credit card details, etc. And they can do this under your eyes without your knowledge or permission.

What are the few ways in which someone can access your IP address?

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Here are a few ways on how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram or elsewhere:

how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram
How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram? 5

1.Tapping Into the Wireless Network

If you use an unsecured wireless network, a stranger can easily find access to your network and find all about your personal as well as banking information.

2.Your E-mail Address

Most e-mails are no longer accustomed to share another user’s IP address mainly due to this reason. But there are still some internet providers who promote sharing the IP address. Apart from this, if someone is keen to set up their e-mail server, they have a good chance of exposing their IP address to strangers.

3.An E-mail HTML Bug

Sometimes, your e-mail address also gets exposed due to a bug that is embedded in an image or other documents sent to you. Don’t assume the bug is a virus but it is just a piece of code that is embedded. When you open an e-mail with such an HTML bug, you are unknowingly exposing your IP address. When all you thought you were doing is reading the e-mail.

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4.Through Social Media

Social media sites make no less of a fool out of you. Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter, they all have access to your IP address. The only difference is that they don’t read your IP addresses.

How to find someone’s IP address on Instagram for real?

To track someone’s IP address on Instagram, you will first have to head to the Instagram profile of the person’s IP address you want. Next to the Instagram user’s profile, three dots will be visible. Click on those dots to copy their Instagram profile URL. Head to IP address finder websites online.

Paste the URL over there and see a new link URL get generated. Then, interact with the particular Instagram user, start a conversation, and persuade them to open the link you have sent. Once they do, head to the IP address finder website and find their IP address on the website page.

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