We can all agree that it can be a little tricky to find your followers' and non-followers' comments on Instagram. So, how to find someone's comments on Instagram? Here is the answer!

You must do something more when managing social media for a business or offering your services. To give your audience the information they need, it's critical to keep tabs on their activity. One of the most well-liked social media sites for advertising different goods and getting the results you want is Instagram. The primary query that pops into our heads is how to find someone's comments on Instagram. Examining a person's comments is the most straightforward technique to keep tabs on their actions. By doing this, you will learn about their worries and be able to give your services what they need.

There is currently no way to discover what someone is doing on Instagram, but it is possible to track down their posted comments. Learn how to accomplish that by reading on. After reading this Blog, you can search for someone's Instagram comments without leaving your profile.

Can You See Someone's Instagram Comments?

Yes, As long as you aren't blocked, you can read someone's comments on Instagram. If you visit a post, you can read someone's comments as long as you can access their profile. On Instagram, you might have noticed a "following" tab that displays the most recent activity from the people you are following.

For instance, you may tell who someone you follow recently followed by viewing their recent comments or likes on a post. Sadly, Instagram removed this function, so you can no longer monitor the live stream of what the people you follow are doing.

However, there are methods to view a specific user's comments; you'll have to figure out how to accomplish this on your own after doing some investigation.

How to find someone's comments on Your Instagram Post?

You may be unfamiliar with the platform if you are new to Instagram or do not invest much time in it. Don't worry; that's exactly what we're here for. Let us show you how to view who commented on your Instagram photo.

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account using your smartphone's Instagram app.

Step 2: The second screen you'll see is your newsfeed. Navigate to your profile by clicking on the little profile button at the bottom of your feed.

Step 3: Tap any post on your profile to view the comments underneath it.

Step 4: After reading all of the comments left on your blogs, scroll down and respond to them.

How to View Someone's Instagram Comments?

Examine their friend's profile

Try going through someone's friend's profiles if you want to see them in particular remarks. Visit the person's profile and read the comments on their posts. Keep an eye out for their friends' comments as well, since it's probable they frequently comment on the person's Instagram posts.

Remember that these two pals are likelier to remark on one other's posts the closer they are. If you visit their friend's profile and can access the postings, you could see some remarks made by them. Continue to the account of the next buddy if you don't see any.

Examine Your Account

You could also try browsing your account. You may check your alerts or use the "Your Activity" option to see whether you've ever responded to one of their remarks.

Your notifications should display any recent comments that have been liked or replied to, so if you're anticipating a response from a particular individual, you'll be alerted when it occurs.

View the Posts of the Accounts They Follow

You may also use the accounts they follow to locate someone's comments. For instance, if they follow a famous person they adore, they could have left a comment on one of their most recent postings.

You can see all the accounts this person is followed by visiting their profile and clicking the number next to "Following." You may view a person's followers and who they follow if you have access to their accounts and postings.

Locate the profile you believe this individual will comment on most frequently, then browse through their posts. You should discover at least one!

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1: Can you access third-party tools or applications to organise your comments?

It is entirely acceptable if you are an Instagram influencer or model who receives hundreds of comments but does not know how to respond to each individual. Numerous third-party apps may help you track your comments, react to them automatically, and filter out the offensive ones. Check out SproutSocial, Instazood, HootSuite, and Iconosquare.

2: Can you alter the comments that users leave on your posts?

When you are using Instagram to advertise your company, it frequently occurs that someone willfully posts offensive content. A social media manager must impose such restrictions to protect his platform and ensure his work is secure. In this regard, you can alter user comments and prevent them from using offensive language.

3: How to block Comments on Instagram Story?

If you don’t want to receive comments on an Instagram story, you can turn it off by going to Settings > Privacy > Story. Choose Off under Allow message replies section.

4: How to Delete or Restrict Multiple Comments?

Instagram has a multiple selection feature for comments that lets you restrict or delete them in bulk. To use this feature on iPhone, open the comments section and tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Manage comments.

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