Instagram has proved as an incredible way to stay connected with your peers. The app has roped in Gen-Z as its target market is here to stay for a long time. If you have a lot of contacts and are looking at how to find someone on Instagram by phone number 2021, you’ll love the ideas we present here.

Instagram is by far said to be the most effective tool when compared to its competitive brands. It understands its users the right way and that’s why we have plenty of filters being added every day. It helps creators get exposure by using hashtags. We, humans, remember from seeing more than listening or reading. This is what makes Instagram an irresistible tool for communication.

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Calling up someone is so yesterday. Following someone on social media, is the trend today. So by now, you should have known how to find someone on Instagram by phone number 2021. If you still don’t know, read on to find more about this.

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How to search for someone on Instagram?

All social media tools have different ways to search for someone on their platform. The age-old technique of searching for someone on Instagram is typing their name on the search bar. This is called searching by their usernames. It’s as easy as it sounds. This may not be as efficient as it sounds as people can choose to have different usernames than their original names.

It’s not only that, there’ll be thousands of people having the same first and last names. This is excruciating to find the person who you are required to follow. The profile picture helps to a certain level but not always as it is difficult to identify someone from every angle. This is also a time-consuming process to find people.

What is the easier process to find people?

Well, if you know someone, you probably might have their phone numbers. It’s easy to find anyone with their phone numbers. So, how to find someone on Instagram by phone number 2021? 

It’s a rather easy process to find someone by their phone number than finding someone by their username. Instagram has introduced the feature to “Find People” using their phone numbers. You will need to know the phone number of the person you want to locate and they should have linked that phone number to their account. If these two conditions are fulfilled you can find anyone on Instagram effortlessly. 

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how to find someone on Instagram by phone number 2021

Step by step process to find someone on Instagram using their phone number

Please note that this guide can be followed only if the person’s phone number is saved on your phone.

  1. Open your Instagram app and ensure you are logged in to your account. 
  2. Tap on the three-line icon on the top corner where you will find Discover people.
  3. Click on Discover people and tap on connect contacts, this will show all the people with the number saved on your device.
  4. You can choose to follow the profile that you have found now.

If this is the first time you are using this feature, Instagram would ask you ‘Allow Instagram to access your contacts?’ Once you grant them access to your contacts list, it will automatically help you identify the people and link them to your account.

how to find someone on Instagram by phone number 2021

Instagram keeps all your confidential data safe. Hence you can find someone on Instagram by their username and their contact number. But the reverse is not possible that is you cannot find someone’s contact number on Instagram. This is because Instagram respects its users’ privacy and doesn’t leak out this sensitive data. It might take a couple of extra minutes to sync your phonebook to Instagram and once this step is complete you are set to find anyone.

Instagram has time and again proven to be the most essential social media tool one should have. So it’s important to have a good engagement rate on your account. You can increase the comments on your posts by buying Instagram comments here.

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