Searching for how to find old Instagram posts or searching to know how to get old Instagram posts back? Here is the complete guide to get old Instagram posts back.

1 Why Do Older Posts On Instagram Not Show Up?
2 How to find old Instagram posts by Dates on Instagram?

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One of the most effective social media sites for posting is Instagram. Still, if you've been wondering why previous postings on Instagram can't be seen and how to find old Instagram posts, you're not the only one. The majority of Instagram users are irritated by this issue. However, you should be aware that it is possible to access posts written months ago. Instagram started testing a feature that would let you view posts in chronological order earlier this year.

Not everyone has access to this function yet, but you can see if it's accessible by searching for a little down arrow next to your profile name in the upper left corner of your Instagram app. If you can't see this arrow, your application has to be updated. The most current version of the app may not always be the most recent.

If you use an older smartphone, the problem is probably with the app's performance. You must upgrade the app to a current version if you use Android. Another option is resetting your phone to see if it resolves the problem. Try fresh installing Instagram from the Google Play Store if you're still having problems viewing previous posts.

Why Do Older Posts On Instagram Not Show Up?

You may have noticed that previous posts are no longer visible when you log into Instagram. It's normal; even though you may have observed that some of your posts haven't been viewed in a while, Instagram has been experimenting with the "You're all caught up" notification for some time. Users have had access to this tool for a long time, and it helps give advertising visibility. You might be unable to distinguish between old and new posts, though.

In this situation, you must ask Instagram for a data download. It could still have your posts in it, even if they were removed. However, you should contact Instagram customer service if the issue continues. They can assist you in determining how to resolve the issue and avoid it in the future. To accomplish this, select Settings by clicking on your profile symbol in the top right corner. Then choose History and then select "View older posts."

How to find old Instagram posts by Dates on Instagram?

On Instagram, hashtags may look up an image's date. On the Instagram app's home page, you may also enter the date and time in the "search" section. Applying this technique would help if you had a web browser or the Instagram app on your phone. You'll need a keyboard and internet connectivity to complete this. In the example that follows, we'll use a mac to look for "date of publication" while typing "2018" into the address area.

Instagram's date option is not particularly user-friendly. You may search for posts on events using the hashtag #event name date of the event name, for example. However, you can also use hashtags or the magnifying glass icon to search by specific date ranges. All posts with the hashtag you entered will be shown in the search area. Finally, you may use a hashtag, date range, or region to look for postings related to particular events.

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1: Instagram postings can be searched by date, right?

You can look at Instagram postings by date, yes. To accomplish this, launch the Instagram app and touch the top-right search field. After that, enter after typing the desired date. The posts posted on that day will be shown on Instagram after that.

2: The best way for me to see Instagram posts chronologically?

Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile to see your posts in chronological order. Choose "Settings" by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. Tap "Posts" in the menu on the left after scrolling down. Select "Oldest First" under "Sort Posts."

3: Why are postings on Instagram hidden?

For several reasons, Instagram conceals content. One reason is to stop spam and inappropriate information from showing up in users' feeds. Instagram also hides postings from users' non-followed profiles. Thanks to this measure, users will only see posts from accounts they are interested in.

4: Does Instagram offer a sophisticated search option?

Yes, Instagram has a sophisticated search feature. To utilize it, go to the search field and choose "Advanced." Then you may look for postings using a location, hashtag, or user.

5: How can I adjust the Instagram post order?

Go to your profile and select "Edit Profile" to alter the order of your Instagram posts. "Posts Order" may be found by scrolling down. The posts will then either show in reverse chronological order or by most recent, as you want.

6: How do you view older Instagram posts?

You may either navigate your posts or search to view older Instagram posts. Start with the earliest post and go forward to navigate through your posts. Type the name of the person or account who posted it and the date it was posted into the search bar to find a specific post.