How to Draw Instagram Logo: Instagram is now a silly goof-up thanks to its latest logo icon revamp! Since the 2010 founding of this photo-sharing platform, Instagram has only been 5 years. Instagram was the first social media platform to become popular, while other similar apps were slowly phased out.

 Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012 and has been featured multiple times in the news. Instagram was a hit with millennials, and the new generation Z. Its simple interface and video integration made it a popular platform. But, Snapchat was the latest craze to sweep the younger generation and celebrities. They are competing with social media's latest craze and trying hard to catch up.

Instagram came back with a bang to break through the clutter. It involved gradient. It was followed by active bashing across various social media platforms.

First, draw a rectangle.

  1. Draw a small rectangle in the upper left corner of the rectangle.
  2. Draw a smaller circle around the square.
  3. Finally, draw a curve from the top of the square to the top of the circle's right corner.

How do I make an Instagram logo with Photoshop?

Open Photoshop and create new documents.
Click on the Rectangle Tool to drag a square across the canvas.
You can fill the square with white using the Paint Bucket tool and click on it.
Click File > Export > Save As to save the file as PNG.
In a new tab, click on Instagram > Edit Profile > Change Logo.

How can I make an Instagram Logo using Canva?

  • Open Canva, To start creating your logo, launch Canva.
  • Select a professional template for Instagram; Canva offers a vast selection of templates for a logo design that you can choose from to personalize. Many logo designs exist for different industries and needs, including gaming, food and drinks, and sports.
  • Customize your logo design; make sure your logo is consistent with your brand. You can change fonts and colour combinations or add your text. This will ensure that your logo is representative of your business.
  • More design options allow you to be more creative. It's easy and fun to create a logo using the drag-and-drop tool. Browse millions of images, vectors, stickers, and icons to find the right one for you. Use tools like image flip or picture filter to spice things up.
  • Download, share. Once you are satisfied with your logo, use it in all of your marketing and branding materials. It can be saved as a JPEG (PNG), or PDF file for printing. You can share it right from Canva on all your social media channels.

Create an Instagram logo in Illustrator

In Illustrator, you can make an Instagram logo by first creating a new document. Set the dimensions to 600x600 pixels. Create a square shape, then fill it with a lighter blue colour. Next, make another square shape and fill it with a darker shade of blue. The Pen Tool can be used to outline the Instagram logo. Finally, fill the shape with white colour.

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Although you can create your logo in any size, we recommend using a 1:1 square canvas. Most of our templates are 1200x1200px. Use a square canvas to make your Instagram profile photo. Add a circle to define a boundary. Then, resize your logo using the Adobe Express Resize Tool to reduce it to 320px x 320px. Now you can upload it directly to your profile.


How do I draw the logo?

The Logo's design is straightforward and includes a stylised "B", and an "O" interwoven with each other. You can quickly sketch out the pattern and complete it in a few easy stages.

What are the steps for creating a logo in Sketch?

Open Sketch, and start the Sketch application. Select the text tool in the toolbar. Next, enter your company name. Once the text is placed exactly where you want it to be, use the vector tool to draw a border around the text. Once the form is built, you can give it the colour you choose. After customizing the logo, save it as a PNG file.

How can you make the Instagram logo look like paint?

There is no single way. One option is to create a brush that mimics the Instagram logo and then use the brush to paint the desired image.

What font should the Instagram logo be?

The Instagram logo uses a custom font created by the company.

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