Instagram has a massive user community that keeps growing every day with millions of users. Instagram rolls out many features to keep you scrolling and looking at the screen. If content creation is your hobby, you need to know How to do a boomerang on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform that makes you feel heard, known and, accepted. It makes you connect with your friend circle as well as new people who you can meet on the internet world. It’s a great place to start making connections. If you are a brand, Instagram helps businesses to tell their stories competently. If you are a content creator, you can use Instagram to tell compelling stories to resonate with your target audience.

how to do a boomerang on Instagram?
How to do a boomerang on Instagram? 5

What is a boomerang?

Since the time boomerang was introduced in 2015 people have been racking their heads with the prominent question ‘how to do a boomerang on Instagram’. It’s one of the easiest ways to tell a story to your audience. Editing a boomerang is also easy-peasy and it’s not rocket science to get yourself familiarized with the feature. Boomerang turns moments fun and captivating in under ten seconds.

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The functionality of boomerang is that it’s a bunch of photos clicked in one go and plays in the form of a back and forth video. It creates funny and unexpected memorable videos. You can upload the created video in your story or posts to keep your audience engaged in your content with more shares, comments, and likes. Alternatively, you can download the created video to your mobile device and share it privately with your contacts too. Please note that Boomerang is a feature that’s available only for your mobile devices and not for your Personal Computers.

how to do a boomerang on Instagram?
How to do a boomerang on Instagram? 6

How to do a boomerang on Instagram?

Creating a boomerang is extremely easy and fun. Follow the below process for How to do a boomerang on Instagram?

  1. Open your Instagram account and sign in to your account with your credentials.
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner you see on your feed.
  3. Select the option ‘Story’ and tap on the ‘boomerang’ icon.
  4. This opens your camera and you can use the center ‘infinity’ button to record your video.
  5. Remember to hold the camera record button to finish taking your boomerang.

You can always edit your boomerang video by adding quirky texts, doodles, and GIFs. These options are available in the upper right corner of your device. Voila, you have now created a boomerang. This boomerang can be sent to any one of your Instagram followers lists, can be uploaded as a story for everyone to view, or can be posted as a post for engagement. 

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Instagram also had a feature to add music to your boomerang video. It’s simple; you have to tap on the ‘Music’ sticker that’s available in the stickers tray. Choose a piece of music that syncs with your video and upload it to your account.

how to do a boomerang on Instagram?
How to do a boomerang on Instagram? 7

How to use the boomerang app?

There’s an alternative way to record a boomerang for which you need to download the boomerang app. This helps you customize your boomerang experience with the settings available on the app. You can choose the file size, playback modes, frame count, frame rate, loop repetitions, and many more that will create a top-notch boomerang video.

New features are added to boomerang all the time as it’s a feature that adds fun elements to the app. This includes slow-mo, echo, trimming, and duo features. Boomerang videos are said to elevate your content strategy as it increases your engagement rate on your profile. It’s likely to bring you, new followers, too. It’s in the form of mini-videos for a short span and works well with the content that Instagram supports.

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