Instagram is a huge platform and social application with more than a billion users registered on it. This fact also makes it one of the highest user engagement platforms on the globe. Instagram is more than just glamour and trends: it is about connecting with different people from different backgrounds. How to DM a guy on Instagram?


One can use Instagram to increase their network and build a connection that may help them in the future. But many people are shy or don’t know how to DM a guy on Instagram.

If one wants, he/she can text any person at any time over Instagram. They just need to know the right approach and how to DM a guy on Instagram.

Another thing one should keep in mind is that Instagram is used by billions of people, one shouldn’t go and spam thousands of people and DM them for any reason.

Spamming isn’t a good idea: therefore, there are a few approaches and tricks that can help one in texting people and know the art of how to DM a guy on Instagram.

how to dm a guy on instagram

Know the reason why one wants to DM a guy.

One factor that can affect whether the guy will answer the DM or not is the reason. Texting people just because one is bored or randomly isn’t a good practice.

One should have a solid reason why they are texting people and why they want to connect with them. The reasons can be in the range of anything, such as a business plan, or any meet-ups, or even a silly reason of becoming friends.

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But one should always have a reason why he/she is texting people in order for this approach to work.

Don’t forget to follow his account.

Another thing one should do is follow his account before texting him in the DM. A person will notice things like if one can follow their account, has liked their posts, or commented on the posts.

He will only text back if he sees all these things. Well, do all these things such as following the account and liking the posts. Plus, nothing hurts in doing that as it is just a way of showing love to people and spreading happiness.

It also indicates that the person who is texting is genuinely interested in them and heightens the chances of the guy’s texting the DM back.

how to dm a guy on instagram

Don’t be too dry.

Don’t be too dry: it means that don’t text something dull or boring as the first line. It is a conversation opener, and it should be creative.

Texting “Hi” is alright for texting people who one talks with daily. But for people who one is texting for the first time, come up with something different that will attract his attention.

There might be a chance where that person’s DM is crowded, and the message can get lost in it. Therefore come up with something different that will highlight the chat-box in all the chats.

Text at a right time.

Be sure to text the guy at the correct time. Use simple logic such as don’t text too early when people are usually sleeping or too late when people are tired and don’t feel like texting.

Text somewhere in the middle of the day or in the evening if that person works and has a job. The best time to text might be the time when he puts a story or posts something.

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It might also help one to strike up a conversation and go with the flow while texting.

Be available after texting.

Be available after one sends a text. After one has figured out the time to text, be available for at least 30-40 minutes for a reply back.

It doesn’t look good just going offline after texting once and leave the other person hanging on the waiting list.

Final thoughts.

There are more points on how to DM a guy on instagram, but these are the basic and by far the most crucial ones. Remember Instagram is a crowded place, follow all these points, and one will be successful in texting the person they want to.