If you are consistently active on Instagram, you know about its latest 2021 updates. These new features and updates have caused a significant change in appearance and more. Consequently, many users are facing difficulties like how to delete Instagram drafts.

Not only this, but users are also unable to save their drafts for future use. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how you can save or delete your Instagram drafts.

Instagram drafts

Many times we try to post a video or image on Instagram but change our minds instantly. It can happen due to several reasons. For instance, you no longer wish to post it. You feel like something is missing in it. In such cases, the Instagram draft feature acts as a savior.

How To Delete Instagram Drafts
How To Delete Instagram Drafts When You No Longer Need Them? 4

Users can leave their raw and unfinished posts and come later to make changes or post them as they are. They still hold the authority to edit their pictures or videos before posting. Usually, Instagram drafts do not have a life span. Despite that, some users might experience something fishy due to Instagram glitches.

Save drafts on business accounts

Earlier, saving drafts on Instagram was a piece of cake. All you had to do was open Instagram on your device and tap on the + icon. They can choose any picture or video for their post and edit them accordingly. Next, instead of posting them, go back. The app will automatically prompt the user to choose between:

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  • Save as drafts
  • Discard the post

But things are not the same now. Instagram is known for releasing new and improved features from time to time.

  1. Launch Instagram and scroll down to your account insights.
  2. Tap on the create post option and choose anything that you wish to post. Add filters, crop it, tag other users, write a caption, and do other similar tasks.
  3. Once you are happy with your masterpiece, tap twice on the arrow on the top left corner.
  4. It will display a pop-up menu with options like Save Draft or Discard.
  5. Choose the Save Draft option. It is how you save drafts on Instagram.

How to find your drafts?

Before knowing how to delete Instagram drafts, you must know where to find them. After all, the 2021 Instagram updates have revolutionized everything at once. The process of reaching your Instagram drafts is quite similar to saving them as drafts.

Go to your Instagram insights section and follow the steps as if you are posting something. If you have successfully saved your drats earlier, you will notice a separate section for them. Tap on the drafts section and edit or post them in their previous state.

Saving drafts on public accounts

The process of saving drafts with a public account is a little similar to the business account one. However, a significant difference between the two is the availability of Instagram insights in business accounts. Now, since public and private user IDs come without it, we need to do something else.

  1. Instead of looking for the Instagram insights section, open your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the + option at the top right corner and choose Feed Post to draft your content.
  3. Select your pictures or videos and edit them as per your preference.
  4. Finally, instead of posting them go back to get the Save Draft pop-up.
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Delete Instagram drafts

The process of permanently deleting or discarding your Instagram drafts is quick and easy. Head over to the create post section, where you will see all your drafts. Tap on the manage option on the left-hand side that will allow you to get rid of them.

Furthermore, you can either discard them individually or multiple ones at once. It is how to delete instagram drafts with ease in 2021.

How To Delete Instagram Drafts
How To Delete Instagram Drafts When You No Longer Need Them? 5

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