Do you want to delete old unwanted calls on Instagram? Here's how you can do it!

Every time you make a phone call or a video call using Instagram, a record of the call is kept. As a result, the conversation history includes a record of every call made on Instagram. Instagram has updated and included a new area called "calls." The history of all incoming and outgoing calls is contained in this area. Some individuals want to know How To Delete Call History On Instagram to keep it tidy.

You've found the right blog if you used the Instagram voice call function to call someone and now want to delete the call. How to remove your Instagram call history has been described here.

Tapping and holding the voice call bubble won't operate in this situation.

In the sections below, we'll go through how to remove your Instagram call history and what happens if you make a call on accident.

How to delete calls on Instagram?

There is currently no straightforward method to remove call history from Instagram. Meta hasn't provided such a choice. Therefore, completely deleting the conversation is the only method to get rid of the call history. Although it is now unavailable, it is anticipated to become accessible shortly. To remove, adhere to the procedures below:

Open the Instagram app first.

Step 2: Verify your login status.

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Step 3: On the main page, click the chat icon.

Step 4: Find the person's chat who has the unwanted call log.

Step 5: Hold that conversation while tapping.

Step 6: Choose the delete option from the pop-up menu.

Step 7: Verify the deletion choice.

How to delete  Calls  From The New Instagram Update?

Instagram does not offer the ability to delete a particular call log, and the discussion related to the call must also be deleted to delete the call log. The only option to remove the call log is to delete the entire conversation, as it is impossible to delete just that one message. The issue is that your conversation with that individual will be forever deleted. Decide if it's worthwhile or not, then permanently remove it. 

The new Instagram messaging function includes a vanish mode option. Please update the app from your profile; if you don't already have it from your profile, select the menu and then Settings. Locate and touch the Update Messaging option.

After using the disappear mode, all messages are concealed. On the other hand, the individual would notice the indication that you activated disappear mode whenever they open the conversation with you. They won't be able to view any calls, chats, or texts, though.

So, have you got the clarity on how to delete calls on Instagram? You can also check out our articles regarding How To Find Old Instagram Posts And How To Find Brands To Work With On Instagram?

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