How to delete an Instagram comment? One might like to gain Instagram comments on their profile, but here are so many times when you find very irrelevant comments on your post. You need to stop worrying about it now because fortunately enough you can delete an Instagram comment. You can delete any comment you want very quickly. Another fact to consider is that you can delete only your comment on the posts shared by other people.

If you want to know more about deleting a comment on Instagram, continue reading this post till the end to know all the steps that you need to follow. Here, you can find detailed information about deleting comments on Instagram and different ways of managing your Instagram profile.

Why do you need to delete an Instagram comment?

Deleting a comment on Instagram is a feature recently developed by Instagram. This feature allows a user to delete their comments on any other post or delete the comments made by any other user on their post. Keep reading below to know more about how to delete an Instagram comment.

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Why do you need to delete an Instagram comment
How to delete an Instagram comment? 4

How can you delete a comment on Instagram?

When we consider the comments on your Instagram posts, you must remember that it is now possible to delete your comments as well as those made by other people. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Click on the comment icon and find the comment you want to delete.

  1. Tap on the icon of comment and choose the comment that you want to delete.
  2. The iPhone users need to make a left swipe whereas the Android users need to click on the comment they want to delete.
  3. Click on the trash symbol to confirm the deletion of the comment.

Is it possible to delete all comments on Instagram?

Allowing the deletion of comments in bulk is one of the newest features created by Instagram. If you want to know how to, read below to know the steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Search for the posts on which you want all the comments to get deleted.
  3. Tap on the icon showing 3 dots towards the top right side of the screen.
  4. Tap on the option “Manage Comments.”
  5. Select a maximum of 25 comments at once.
  6. Click on the “delete “option.
  7. For blocking or restricting the accounts which post offensive comments on your post, you can check out “more options.”
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Is it possible to delete all comments on Instagram
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How to delete a comment on your own Instagram post?

If you find someone posting irrelevant comments on your Instagram post, you can just go ahead and remove that comment from your post. The steps to be followed are:

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Discover the post on which the comment is posted.
  3. Tap on the comment icon.
  4. Select the comment that you want to delete.
  5. If you are using the Instagram app for iOS, you need to swipe left across the screen. And, if you are using the android version of Instagram, you just need to click on the comment to be deleted.
  6. Tap on the trash icon to complete the process of deletion.

You shouldn’t forget that deletion of comments is only possible with the comments that you post or the comments that have been posted on your post. You cannot reach out to the comments posted on any other person's post.

What to do if you are not able to find a comment on Instagram?

There are instances when you are unable to find a comment that you have made on any Instagram post. In that case, you should try logging in to your Instagram account from any browser and then go for the “CTRL + F '' option for typing what you had written. It will help you in going through all the available comments on that particular post. You shouldn't forget to tap on the “Load more content“ option until you can find the comment you are looking for.

How to delete an Instagram comment without letting them know?

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It is a known fact that Instagram doesn’t send any message or notification to the users whose comments get deleted from a post. This makes sure that the users don’t get to know what is happening with their comments. They can only know that their comment has been deleted when they visit your post again. You can delete the comments without letting them know through the following steps:

  1. Start the Instagram app.
  2. Discover the post on which that particular comment is posted.
  3. Tap on the comment icon and choose the comment that must be deleted.
  4. For the iOS version of Instagram, just swipe left on the screen. For the Android version, tap on that particular comment which needs to be deleted.
  5. Click on the trash icon for finishing up the deletion process.

Can you delete an Instagram comment on Chrome, Mac, and Windows?

A lot of people who are regular Instagram users prefer using the app on PC. So, if you want to delete a comment while using Instagram on the computer, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch your browser and visit
  2. Find out the post which has to be deleted and tap on it
  3. Take your cursor right on the comment to find out an icon showing three dots
  4. Tap on that icon and select the delete option

This was all that you are supposed to know about deleting comments on Instagram. The steps for doing the same have been mentioned above concerning every device and different versions of Instagram. Following these steps will help you in deleting any Instagram comment that you don’t find suitable.