How to delete an Instagram account? Instagram has gained popularity in recent years. A few years back, Instagram wasn’t popular. However, now, even kids have started to use Instagram. Affecting a child’s growth and development into adulthood, nothing is more important to kids than to present themselves in the best way on social media. This makes us take a hard look at reality. Who doesn’t want to be famous on Instagram? Kids are routinely keeping their Instagram feeds updated, sometimes replicating influencers and dreaming to have a huge fan following.


how to delete an Instagram account

With the emergence of Instagram, the concept of being real is slowly fading now. Being perfect is more important than being candid. Becoming Instagram famous is their aim. A few years back, people hardly knew how to use filters. Whereas now, kids spend half of the time choosing a suitable filter to edit their pictures. Teens have become too occupied with presenting their best versions on Instagram. All of this affect teenagers and they seem to miss out on a lot of real fun. If you are conscious about the flip side of social media and want to take a break from Instagram, perhaps you should delete or deactivate your account. We have discussed both in detail in this post.
How to delete accounts on Instagram?

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Managing the perfect image on social media is tough and exhausting. People cannot be themselves in the fear of being judged or called old-fashioned. If you are done with maintaining your perfect image on Instagram and getting a sufficient amount of likes and followers, you must take a long break from Instagram. Social media is known to affect us negatively more than doing any good.

If you want to know how to delete an Instagram account, you must carefully follow the steps mentioned below. The process is extremely short and can be done within seconds.

  • Visit the Instagram website from Google

You can get the link to the official site from anywhere. If you click on it, you would be taken to the official page.

  • Give the correct details

On that page, you would be required to give in your details like username and password. In the next step, you might be asked to enter the password again, just to make sure it’s you.

  • Click on account deletion
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Once you are logged in, go to the account deletion page.

  • Choose a suitable reason for deleting your account

When you click on account deletion, a drop-down menu would appear, asking you to select a suitable reason for deleting your account.

Note that Instagram would try to retain you as an Instagrammer by giving you the alternative option of taking a break for a while and log in after a few days. But if you are determined to delete your account, you can ignore the message.

  • Click on delete finally

Once you have chosen the reason, you can click on the red button that says permanently delete my account.

If you have decided to delete your account permanently, know that the account cannot be retrieved. You can use the same username again if anyone else hasn’t already done it. Also, know that every photo, video, chats, and archive will be lost. Hence, we advise users to save the contents from their Instagram wall so that they can post them later. 

how to delete an Instagram account

Reasons why people might consider deleting their Instagram accounts permanently

An individual might think of deleting their Instagram accounts for a variety of reasons. Different people have different reasons when it comes to regulating their social media accounts. Though it’s entirely subjective, there are a few common reasons. We have enlisted some of them below.

  • People might delete Instagram because they have been victims of trolling or online abuse or virtual harassment.
  • People might come up with better marketing strategies and hence consider deleting the previous account.
  • Someone who’s spending too much time on Instagram might think it to be a good enough reason.
  • Sometimes Instagram accounts also belong to associations, brands, and institutions. If they cease to exist or function, they choose to delete their accounts.
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No matter what is your reason, it’s completely fine to proceed and delete your Instagram account.

How to deactivate an Instagram account?

If you are unwilling to delete it permanently and instead want to take a temporary break, you can consider deactivating your account for some time. The only benefit of deactivating is that you can log into your old account with the same user id and password you used while deactivating it. Let’s go through the steps for deactivating one’s Instagram account.

  • Log into your account

You have to log into your existing Instagram account that you would like to deactivate.

  • Click on edit my profile

When you access your profile, you can go to the settings option.

  • Click on deactivate

When you click on settings, a drop-down menu would appear. Now go down and click on edit my profile.

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Here, you would get” temporarily deactivate my account”.

  • Give a suitable reason

When you click on temporarily deactivate my account, you have to select a suitable reason for deactivating. Instagram would also try to persuade you from deactivating Instagram. If you don’t want any such thing, proceed.

  • Enter your password 

You would have to give your password again. Enter the same password you used while logging in.

  • Confirm deactivating

Now, you have to click on the button that says ”temporarily disable the account”. Click on confirm.

If your Instagram account has been disabled by any chance, it’s probably because you have violated a few terms of the Instagram community. Worry not. You can recover a disabled account easily. You can also create a new Instagram account any day with the same e-mail ID. But under no circumstances, would you be able to give the same username to your new account. No two active accounts can have the same username on Instagram.

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