How to delete all messages on Instagram from both sides. Learn how to delete all messages on Instagram on both sides!

Instagram has a private chat feature and is primarily a photo-sharing website. You have complete control over which messages are kept and which are erased, just like with the majority of messaging services.

There are the following ways to remove your Instagram messages if your inbox is too full. 

Do you have questions regarding the deletion of Instagram DMs (direct messages) from both parties?

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The remedy is really straightforward, and the answer is that you may remove Instagram direct messages from both parties.

You could wish to remove a message from both parties because it was sent inadvertently or inappropriately.


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You'll discover how to erase Instagram messages from both parties in this manual.

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How to Delete Instagram Messages From Both Sides?

Hold down the message you wish to erase while tapping "Unsend" to remove it from both parties' Instagram accounts.

The message will be removed for both you and the recipient when you hit "Unsend."

In other words, the message will no longer be visible to both you and the recipient.

Delete an Instagram message from both parties using the steps below:

  • Dispatch the direct message.
  • Tap the message and hold it for three seconds.
  • To remove the message from both sides, select "Unsend."
  • Please be aware that the "Unsend" function only functions when you're attempting to erase your message.
  • You are unable to remove the other person's message if that is what you want to do.
  • You can only erase someone's message by going to your message list, swiping left, and selecting "Delete."
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Your discussion with the other person will be deleted as a result.

The person you messaged will still have the messages because they won't be removed from their end.

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Instagram Unsend Message versus Delete

Before I teach you how to delete Instagram messages, let us clarify something, Instagram does not offer a "delete" option for direct messages; instead, they use the phrase "unsend."

Given this, you don't "delete" messages on Instagram; instead, you "unsent" them, which permanently deletes them.

Should You Block a User on Instagram to Delete Messages?

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Be aware that banning someone on Instagram will not erase any texts you or they have exchanged with one another. Before blocking the user, you must first unsend the messages and remove the chat to be sure that all of the communications have been erased.

By blocking someone, you are only preventing them from accessing your Instagram account or messaging you there.

Delete Several Instagram Messages at Once.

Android users may automate repeated taps to unsend messages using third-party apps, such as any auto clicker app.

To put it another way, you may remove several messages at once.

It functions by allowing you to write a tap point or several tap points in succession all at once.

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You can execute that command frequently after the script has been built.

You only need to press cancel to end it.

This program also allows you to like accounts or publish images, among other things.

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