How To Clean Up Your Instagram Feed? Know here.

Social media sucks your time by placing various relevant/irrelevant posts on your feed. You might have started following a photography page a couple of years ago, but now your mind is drifted away from it. When such posts have no impact on you, the best way is to remove them from the roots. This article will help you on how to clean up your Instagram feed.

Make use of the “mute” feature:

It is a better way of following a person yet, avoiding their insane posts. And the fact is that the muted person will not know about it. You can do it simply by tapping the “Menu” on the top right corner of the person’s profile and click on “Mute”.

You can as well mute their stories if you are tired of watching them.

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Unfollow accounts:

If you are sure enough that you wish to avoid certain accounts or pages, you can directly unfollow them. It is better to stay away from pages that post too often and repeated contents.

Restrict or block toxic accounts:

If you wish to limit people with the actions they perform with your account on Instagram, you can use the “Restrict” option.

  1. Visit the profile of the person whom you want to restrict.
  2. Click the three-dot menu situated on the top-right corner.
  3. Select the “Restrict” option.
  4. Or select the “Block” option if you want to avoid any kind of contact with the person.

Either way, the other person will not be notified if you have blocked or restricted them.

How to Clean up Your Instagram Feed
How To Clean Up Your Instagram Feed? 4

Unfollow unwanted hashtags:

Be precise on what you need to be noted. Do not follow hashtags unwantedly without a purpose.

Archiving your posts:

When you wish to avoid viewing few posts of yours and yet don’t want to delete them, you can archive them.

Follow the given steps to archive your posts:

  1. Click on your profile image.
  2. Tap on the three-dotted icon available in the right corner.
  3. You can now click on the “Archive” option.

Changing the Explore page:

The Instagram algorithm shows you posts and videos according to your search history. Clear the Explore page history to avoid seeing unwanted content.

The steps to reset the explore page are:

  1. Click on your profile image.
  2. Get into Settings.
  3. Select Security from the menu.
  4. Click on Search History.
  5. You can remove the searches by clicking the X next to each item.
  6. Or select Clear all to delete everything in a single click.

Limit your audiences:

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To avoid attracting unwanted audiences you can share stories only to the people that you’ve added to the “Close friends” list. This is the best tip on how to clean up your Instagram feed.  

Beware of the Ads that pop:

Once the unwanted ads start popping up, you must get rid of them. This might not seem big in the beginning, but you’ll feel annoyed when your feed gets filled up with irrelevant Ads shortly. If the advertisement is relevant, you can very well keep them.

Digging your profile:

Once you start scrolling over your previous posts, you might find a different version of yourself that you do not wish to be in the eyes of the public. It might be some random post you shared or a picture of yours. If you reconsider the post and wish it weren't shared, remove it immediately.

How to Clean up Your Instagram Feed
How To Clean Up Your Instagram Feed? 5

These are the best ways on how to clean up your Instagram feed.

Clearing the feed does not necessarily mean you’re not interested in using social media or you don’t want a high number of followers. It just makes you reach your target audience easier in an effective manner.

And for this, you must possess a greater number of real followers to grow your business or develop your image as a social media influencer. Strive towards your goal to make great achievements.