If you are a brand, influencer or business owner, responding to the messages of your followers or clients is crucial to building a strong business relation. Not only this, giving relevant replies to your followers will make them feel that you care about your customers and work to satisfy their requirements. Therefore, you are required to check your Instagram messages regularly. In this article, we will be discussing how to check Instagram DMs from computer(PC or Mac) to engage with your followers and boost your Instagram growth efficiently.  

How to Check Instagram DMs From The Computer

What do you mean by “DM” on Instagram?

Before knowing the methods of sending and checking messages on the computer, let us know what “DMs” are?

“DM” stands for direct messaging on Instagram. Precisely, DMs or direct messages are private chats done between one Instagram user with the other user or the group of users.

You can’t see the Instagram messages on any brand’s profile, feed or search as their followers will be unknown to you. The chats are seen by you and your followers with whom you are connecting. 

On Instagram, you can send and check messages by Instagram Direct. The feature is similar to a mail inbox where your private messages or notifications gather. How to Check Instagram DMs From Computer.

You can access Instagram Direct either on a computer or smartphone( maybe an android or iOS). To check or send messages by tapping on the “aeroplane icon”.

If you see a red coloured notification on the icon, it means that the message is unread and needs you to read the chat. How to Check Instagram DMs From Computer.

How to send and How to Check Instagram DMs From Computer? 

If you own a computer, either PC or Mac, you can efficiently check, create or send messages to your followers. Moreover, you don’t need to use any special software to perform the same task. With the given technique, you can respond to a high bulk of messages at your fingertips. How to Check Instagram DMs From Computer.

Let’s look at the process of sending messages from a computer(PC or Mac). 

1. Log in to your Instagram account.   

First, you’re required to log in to your Instagram account using any web browser according to your preference. As such, there is no particular Instagram messaging browser. 

2. Click on the “aeroplane icon”. 

You can locate “Instagram Direct” by clicking on the “aeroplane icon” situated at the top right corner of the webpage. 

3. Check your Instagram messages. 

Typically, you can see your brand’s messages and interactions here. Unread DMs will appear on the top of the messages list. Additionally, the option of creating a new DM will also appear in the same section. If you want to start the interaction, click on the blue coloured “send message” option. To commence one on one connection, type in a user’s handle or message to any brand or follower to whom you follow.  How to Check Instagram DMs From Computer.

Moreover, you can also create a group on Instagram for DMs. You are allowed to add almost 32 people to a single group.

If you wish to comment, copy, like or report any DM, click on the three-dot buttons next to the messages. 

How to Check Instagram DMs From The Computer

4. Send and Check Instagram DMs From Computer.

Instagram DMs include polls, photos, Instagram stories, GIFs and IGTV clips. Besides, written content. You can share the content of your followed brand to other users through a DM. To do the task, follow the instructions mentioned. How to Check Instagram DMs From Computer.

  1. Locate the video, image or IGTV clip that you wish to share. 
  2. Click on the “aeroplane icon” below the post. 
  3. Choose the mode for sharing the post. You may send it through Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or Email.
  4. Click on Share to Direct and type the username with whom you want to share the post through Instagram DM.