How to Change Your Instagram Name

Instagram is a social media app which allows us to communicate with our friends, family and general audience though the medium of pictures. It provides a platform for businesses to flourish with visual updates of their products and for entrepreneurs who want to build up a career of photography. It is also a very convenient place for artists to flaunt their masterpieces and get recognition. It is basically an app that presents us with an opportunity to capture the best moments of our lives in the most perfect way possible.

One of the best features of Instagram is that it allows you to change your display or username whenever you want. There are many apps and websites that fail to provide this feature. This is something that not only poses as a problem in case of hackers and spammers but also hinders your choices, regardless of other reasons. There are 2 platforms from where you can change your Instagram name; the app itself and from the app’s website.  

The display name and the username are different from each other though both can be changed. The display name is situated below your display picture and can be made of alphabets, numbers, punctuation marks and even emoticons. The username is at the top of your profile and also at the end of your profile’s URL and must be under 30 characters with letters (ABC), numbers (123), full stops (.) and underscores (_).  Although the username needs to be idiosyncratic, the display name does not have to be singularly yours; it can match someone else’s display name too.

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Here is how you can change your username and display name on Instagram:

How to change Instagram name in Android phones:

1.     Login to your account

In case you are using the app version from your mobile phone, you need to first log in. Most phones automatically sign in with Google or Facebook accounts and you don’t need to put in sign-in details. However, if your phone isn’t linked with such accounts, you will have to provide some details that will give you access to your Instagram account.

Login to your account

2.     Select “Settings” or “Edit Profile”

How to Change Your Instagram NameHow to Change Your Instagram NameHow to Change Your Instagram NameOnce you have opened the app, you need to look for the        option that is situated at the top right of the page. Selecting that will enable you to see your archives, activity, saved files and settings. You can select the settings to opt for more changes if you want. However, with the recent updates, the option of editing one’s profile is available as soon as the app is opened. This also means that the app gets more upgrades as it develops into a plethora of technology and opportunities!

3.     Fill in the options available

Once you open the app, click on the Edit profile option under your description. You will find that you can change many options at once, such as the username, display name, profile picture and details like phone number and addresses. If you ever want to adopt a professional stance for yourself and are aiming towards creating a business account, Instagram makes all of that easy with some clicks. It also helps you become a professional photographer and get into fields of journalism and magazine making. How cool is that?

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Fill in the options available

4.     Save and embrace!

Type in the name you choose to change and click the tick mark on the right side of the page. There you have it; a new name and a new Instagram identity! As you can see, there are other options too which help you avail not just different names but also change the category of pictures you upload. Talk about being ambitious!

These options not only enable you to conveniently change your account name, they also let you choose themes ranging from black to white.

Save and embrace
Save and embrace
How to Change Your Instagram Name 13

How to change Instagram name on your computer

We might need to use Instagram when our mobile phones are not with us. In those situations, you can access it through your PC. The process to do so is again very simple and convenient with no restrictions whatsoever unlike the case with most social media platforms. This is how you may do so:

1.     Open your browser and type in website name

Go to the website of Instagram You can write “Instagram Login” on your browser and the link will be provided to you.

2.     Sign-in to your account.

Fill in your details to sign in and enter your account to select the option of edit profile.

to your account

3.     Save and enjoy!

Once you are in it, fill in your new details and save the changes. There you have it, a new look and name for your Instagram account! Moreover, the changes you save are applied everywhere, whether you open Instagram in your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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Instagram users find it very convenient to switch from a regular account to business or commercial accounts due these features. Such a platform enables them to regulate their daily activities according to their needs and helps to avoid hassles like making a new account all over again. Many people decisively choose Instagram over other social media apps because it not only helps them renovate their accounts but also gives them an opportunity to sell and buy things accordingly.

Many users have used this app as a medium to spread word about their skills and talents and have succeeded doing so as well. Enter the world of Instagram and don’t let the best moments of life to pass by without capturing them. Use this app to avail the best choices you can possibly get and have fun while doing so!