Many Instagram users are looking for ways to change the email on their Instagram account. You might be facing issues with your Instagram account for several reasons. In the case that you have been making use of fake IDs, we advise refraining from now on. With that in mind, let's quickly follow through our article on how to change email on Instagram.

How to Change Email on Instagram
The Quickest Method on How to Change Email on Instagram 5

How To Change Email on Instagram in the case of Fake ID

If you registered your Instagram account with a false ID, you could have trouble restoring your account in an emergency! That remains true even if you use an old email address and don't update the password on a regular basis. That's because your Instagram account could be prone to hacking. To prevent losing your Instagram account entirely, it's vital that you update your Instagram email address. Lucky for us, it's easy to change your Instagram account's email address, and it just takes a few minutes.

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How to Change The Email on Instagram in the Mobile App

Step 1. Open the Instagram app on your phone. You will see your profile icon in the lower right corner. Tap on the icon, and it will display your profile.

Step 2. At the top of the page, tap "Edit Profile." You will find all your private information, like your current email address, in the "Personal Information Settings." 

Step 3. Fill in the new email address you'd like to use to link your Instagram account. Then, in the upper right corner of the screen, press "Done."

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Step 4. A dialogue box titled "Check Your Email" will appear. You will need to verify the new email address you want to link with your account. 

Step 5. Instagram will send you a confirmation email at the new email address. Tap on the link in your mail to complete the confirmation process. 

Step 7. It'll redirect you to the Instagram app. 

And that's it! Your new email address will be successfully updated if you follow these steps.

Reasons That Might Lead You to Use A Fake ID

It is easy to fall prey to believing that using a fake ID will keep your privacy intact. But that is not so. Besides, it does give a false sense of security. But the reality is that once you lose access to your ID, there's not much left to say. 

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The same is true in the case of email ID that you barely make use of anymore. But if you can log in through an old ID, ensure to update to the mail ID you use asap. 

How to Change Email on Instagram Without Logging in?

Even if you are not logged into your Instagram account, you can still update your email address. But to do this, you'll need to have access to the username and phone number linked to your account. 

You may lose your account if you don't have access to the phone numbers or previous email addresses. And this is the same method that users use to reclaim their accounts. At the end of the process, Instagram will request your new email address and phone number. You will need to enter an email address to verify the change. 

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Step 1: To start, open the app and go to Instagram login. 

Step 2: Tap on the "Forgot Password?" option. It'll direct you to another page where you can either enter your username or password. To locate your account, enter your phone number or username.

Here's how to change email for Instagram
The Quickest Method on How to Change Email on Instagram 6

Step 3: After that, enter your phone number. Instagram will send an OTP to that number.

Step 4: You will then be automatically logged into your account. 

Step 5: Go to your profile to update your email address. You can do so by tapping your Instagram Profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 6: Then, choose "Edit Profile."

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Steps to change Instagram email ID
The Quickest Method on How to Change Email on Instagram 7

Step 7: Click on the Email address under Profile Details.

Step 8: You'll need to enter the new email address you want to link to your Instagram account in the text box.

Step 9: Instagram will send you a code at the new email address you provided. It'll ask you to confirm your new email address. Enter the code sent to your email address.

Step 10: After you enter the code, tap on the "Next" button to update your email address.