How to call on Instagram on pc? It was announced that the Instagram video call feature was released in June of 2018, and the new feature was quickly popular. Many users, especially teens and those with younger children, are enjoying this feature.

 But because of the many Instagram issues with the application, such as the inability to stop mistakes, most users prefer to use an app to manage their accounts using a computer. What features are accessible on PC? What is the best way to make video calls on Instagram on your PC? In this post, we’ll show you three ways to make an Instagram video call from your computer and talk about Instagram’s features on the internet.

How to call on Instagram on pc – 2022

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How to call on Instagram on pc?

If you’re looking for a platform on the web which allows you to have an Instagram. We would like to remind you that no platform can provide this feature. Therefore, if an app claims to offer this feature, remember not to divulge your account information to them. Instagram does not allow any third-party application to offer this feature.

However, there’s a solution to make a phone call from Instagram using your computer by running the Instagram android application on your personal computer. The most efficient method is to utilize emulators for Android that allow users to run android applications on their PC. This article will present two android emulators and a way to run android applications without needing an emulator. It’s more challenging to run Android apps without an emulator. However, it uses less space and less processing on your computer. Let’s now become familiar with them.


BlueStacks is among the most popular android emulators. It lets you run Android applications on your PC easily. It’s not compatible with Linux but does work perfectly on Mac and Windows operating systems.

To run Instagram on your PC, you must install BlueStacks:

  1. Get BlueStacks from the site and install it.
  2. Start it, and search for Instagram in the upper menu. 
  3. Install Instagram. (The Google Play version isn’t working correctly!)
  4. Go to Instagram on your BlueStacks homepage. (You may have to reboot your computer before you can use Instagram.)
  5. In the open Instagram window, sign in to your account. Then, click the button in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage.
  6. Then, click the button on the top bar and choose the person you’d like to call. Done!


NoxPlayer is a different android emulator that can be used to stimulate the android device from your computer. It doesn’t work with Linux, unlike the first alternative, but you’ll be able to work with it whether you’re using either a Mac or Windows device.

To run Instagram using the NoxPlayer You must follow the same procedure as Bluestcks.

  1. Download NoxPlayer from the site and install it.
  2. Start it, and search for Instagram in the Play bar at the top. 
  3. Install Instagram.
  4. Go to Instagram’s homepage and sign into your account.
  5. On your homepage, click the button in the upper right corner.
  6. Click on the top bar button, and then select the number you’d like to call. That’s it!

Using no emulators!

The final method is to run the Android application on your computer without emulators. It’s more difficult than other methods to set up by using certain tools for developers, but it will take less time to run on your device. Therefore, you’ll enjoy a more enjoyable experience when working with it.

This video will explain the process step-by-step. It is compatible with the earlier version of Instagram; however, it does not make a difference with the latest version.

  1. Launch your Chrome browser, and then download the ARC Welder app launcher from the Chrome store on the web.
  2. Google Play and search for Instagram through Google Play and copy the URL.
  3. Copy the URL from the APK Downloader website and download the APK file. 
  4. Copy the file into a secure folder. 
  5. Use the ARC Welder and add the APK file.
  6. Then, choose “Portrait” to select the orientation and “Phone” to be the Type Factor.
  7. Click on the “Launch App” button.
  8. The Instagram application will launch on the 15th of April, so log in to your account to make an audio call in the same manner as you do with your phone app!

This method is more effective than the previous methods. Since it doesn’t require an emulator, it consumes less storage and processing on your computer.

As we’ve mentioned, no third-party application can offer you the Instagram call service. There are a lot of Instagram tools that can assist you in growing your account and reducing time! Let’s take a look at these options.

Instagram Features On PC

Various platforms are created to assist Instagram customers in managing their Instagram pages more effectively. They have various tools that focus on the various features of Instagram to assist their clients in reducing the time they spend working on the Instagram page. We have mentioned earlier that Instagram users faced some issues using the mobile phone app because they were running low on storage. Additionally, using a computer is more enjoyable for those who want to work for long hours working on it. Therefore, platforms have designed web-based applications that are not only more user-friendly. However, they don’t need any additional storage.


AiSchedul is among the platforms specifically designed for Instagram. It’s a web-based application. Therefore you have access to it from any device, provided it is equipped with the ability to access a web browser.

It also provides you with a variety of tools that assist you down and managing your website, for example:

  • Posts and stories are scheduled to be published days or even months ago.
  • Reposting content from your followers.
  • Making the ideal bio-link landing page is as easy as just a few clicks.
  • Monitoring your mentions.

Making calls on Instagram using your computer is not a feature offered by any platform online. We have provided three ways to make an Instagram call with an emulator or app launcher. 

Galaxy marketing is known for its efficiency in offering premium social media marketing services. So, if you want to make your social media presence the best, contact us today! We hope that you will enjoy this article. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


Can you call in Instagram PC?

Start Instagram from the homepage, and then sign into the account. On your homepage, click on the button located in the top right-hand area. Then, select the icon from the bar at the top and select the person you wish to contact..

Are Instagram calls cost-free?

 you can place an video or audio chat on Instagram with the person you want to talk to and have a seamless conversation. There is only one restriction you can’t video chat in a group you can only have the limit to a maximum of six people at a time.