How To Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories? Instagram is a social media platform with over a million active users. You can get anxious and scared when you share something, and you might want to keep certain things for a particular group of people only. The hiding story option is a great way to do so as it doesn’t block anyone or remove anyone from your ID, hides what you are posting on your story, and keeps your privacy intact and secured. How To Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories?

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How to Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories
How To Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories? 4

This helps you connect with your audience on a real-time basis and have a more intimate and authentic connection. Instagram stories let you record videos, boomerangs, click photos, add stickers, music, and a lot of other stuff. Sometimes you want your stories to be visible only to a certain number of people, and you want a set of people not to view one particular story. Or sometimes, you want to hide one aspect of your story from a single person. Either way, there are a lot of ways to hide your stories from particular people..

How To Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories or hide stories?

The steps to hide your story from someone on Instagram are:

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon below your feed.
  2. Click on the three lines icon at the top of the screen and choose settings.
  3. Once you open settings, navigate and go to the privacy option.
  4. Navigate to the story tab within the privacy option.
  5. There you will see the provision of hiding the story from a certain someone.
  6. Select the people you want to hide your story from and click on done.
  7. Then you have to upload your story in a similar way you used to.

One of the best parts about this blocking someone to view your story feature is that it lets you keep that story hidden even on the highlight section of your profile. So, if you want that story to stay for a longer time and be visible to your selected audience, you can get it highlighted on your profile and won’t have to worry about the people you have hidden it from to view it.

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Another way to hide the story from someone is by clicking on your story and looking at the viewers. If you see someone who has already seen the story but you want them not to check it out again, click on the three dots beside their name and hide them from viewing this story again.

Apart from blocking people to view your stories, there are ways for you to mute their stories as well. Sometimes it happens that you follow an account, and they keep posting numerous stories without a break. Although you can skip and move to the next story, Instagram will keep showing you the unopened stories at the top, and it can get frustrating. There are ways to mute someone, and then you won’t have to view their story or story highlights again.

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How to Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories
How To Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories? 5

The steps to do so are:

  1. Whenever you see an account you want to mute, click on the three dots that appear beside their post on your feed.
  2. After clicking, you will see several options displayed to you. Click on the mute option.
  3. It will allow you to either mute posts or mute the stories as well as posts together. 
  4. Click on mute posts and stories, and then that account will disappear as it will be muted from your feed.

Note that this doesn’t mean that they will be removed from your profile. They are still going to be there; you won’t get updates from them.

Another way is to click a little longer on the story of the account you want to mute, and then the option of muting them will appear on your screen. This will automatically move the story to the end of the story tray, and it won’t get auto-played. 

One of the best parts about how To Block Someone from Seeing My Instagram Stories hiding and muting stories is that either of them doesn’t inform that particular account, and you can unhide or unmute anytime you want.