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Social media these days isn’t just serving as a platform to stay connected with the ones you want, but it has emerged successful in opening the lucrative way to earn. Be it big brands, or even small start-ups, none can avoid the value which social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc deliver. Did you know, brands are pouring in around $10 billion on influencer marketing? Yes, that’s tons of money. But, what does it mean? It states that influencer marketing has become equally valuable for both parties, influencers, and brands. Though, there’s a lot more value that will be welcomed in the coming years. If you know how to become an Instagram influencer, the reward is not just the money, but recognition and popularity knock on your door too. However, the competition is growing the same way as the industry. 

So, it’s not just your substantial follower base that will help you in the journey, but you would require proper steps to consider. In addition to this, it’s your hard work and effort which will gift you throughout. Keep reading this post and find out all that's involved!


How to become an Instagram Influencer - A step by step guide

Before we start, you need to understand that influencer marketing is highly dependent on the relationships you build with your followers. After all, you will be pitching a product or brand to them, so the relationship should be strong with a mixture of trust and love. Here we go!

What’s your passion? – That should be your niche 

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Of course, you can’t do everything and anything. It’s your passion for something which drives the enthusiasm and energy to nail that particular job. When you're trying to find out how to become an Instagram influencer, choosing your niche is the very first and very important step. 

Don’t copy or get influenced by someone you use to observe. Yes, you can surely acquire knowledge and tips from them, but be yourself. Choose a niche that you are genuinely passionate about, and the same passion should reflect on your posts. 

Let’s say, for example, you love food, or maybe you are into fashion and you decipher and stay updated with the latest trend. It can be anything which interests you, so choose accordingly. There can be more than one niche if you feel both interest you, but it shouldn’t be anything random. 

Impressive bio – Will help your first impression bullseye

A home should speak your identity; similarly, your bio should speak your story which allures people. It’s the very first thing to come under the eyeballs of your followers and even brands that might be willing to work with you in the coming days. 

So, to answer the question, how to become an Instagram Influencer, we can say that you need to start influencing your initial followers. If your bio does the job, congrats you are going on the right track. 

Share stories – Not just posts

By any chance, if there is a thought like sharing loads of pictures on Instagram will help you become an Instagram influencer, you are wide of the mark. What goes along with the images you share? The captions! It’s very important to keep the caption relevant and connect to your audience emotionally. 

As said before, you need to build relationships. Make them trust you follow and engage with you and all this depends on how genuine you are. It’s a good idea to share your personal stories at times. For example, any incident you have been through recently, fun moments, social issues, etc. 

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In this way, you increase the chances of engagement. Moreover, brands do consider engagement more than the number of followers when collaborating with influencers. 

Instafeed – Should appeal as a whole

Don’t stuff your Instafeed with images that include both great and dull images. Always remember, when brands or even your follower gets interested in you, they will visit your profile. After all, you are about to become an Instagram influencer, so they would love to check out your profile. 

So, make sure all your images are up to the mark and amusing. To do so, you can choose a particular style to edit photos which will also keep them uniform. There are loads of tools available online which you can use to perform the editing task. This method turns your profile look appealing and aesthetic. 

How to Become an Instagram Influencer - Galaxy Marketing

Consistency is a must to become an Instagram Influencer

Let’s suppose you follow an individual over Instagram. Now, you see him or her sharing great posts which made you like them but vanish for about a week or month. Would you like that? Aren’t the chances high to lose interest in him or her?

This is why being consistent with your posts is a very crucial thing while you are on the journey to become an Instagram influencer. It’s suggested that you post at least twice a week and it should be scheduled on particular days of the week. In this way, you increase the possibility of engagement which will benefit you in the long run. Even there are tools like Ripl, Buffer, etc which help you schedule your post beforehand. 

Hashtags – The engine of your post

Hashtags play a great role when it’s about the visibility of your posts. Be selective while choosing hashtags, and try making a mixture of viral and decently trending ones. Remember, don’t choose the only ones which have a very high search volume as they will carry great competition too. Rather, make a combination of both high and moderate searched hashtags and make sure that they are relevant to what you are publishing. 

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Now that you have the knowledge of the steps to become an Instagram influencer, let’s introduce you to something more important. 

Business account

When your focus is to become an Instagram Influencer, switching to a business account is a must. With this tool, you gain access to analytics which helps you decipher your audience and plan further steps. You will also get statistics on the engagement rate of your posts to help you better the ones which didn’t perform.  

Give importance to Instagram stories

Users have become quite fond of Instagram stories which you can take advantage of. The chances of getting discovered become relatively high by using hashtags and tagging your Instagram stories. Most of the influencers are using stories these days and should be the next. 

Watch out for brands

Well, to become an Instagram Influencer, you pass through two different hurdles. The first being growing your followers and influence on them, while the other being monetizing your presence as an influencer. 

Once you have a decent number of followers and engagement rate, it’s time to outreach brands. You can do so, by tagging brands on your posts and if you are lucky, they might feature the same post on their Instagram account too. 

 Also, you can directly contact them via their Instagram accounts. Make sure you reach out to those brands which have relevance with the niche you are into. Have patience as it’s not going to be an easy task, but all of this has some point to start. You never know, which brand might get back to you for collaboration and thus give a kick-start to your journey to become an Instagram Influencer.  

Gaining insta followers/ likes/ comments is now just a matter of click!