How to Ask Questions on Instagram?

The photo-sharing application Instagram is one such platform that people and celebrities alike use. Many people use the Instagram platform to become an influencer and gain a following and reach which would make them famous. It is no surprise that this app is one of the most significant social media applications that currently exists and has been on the top for a very long time. Instagram keeps updating and bringing in new features for people to go around and interact more with their followers. This article contains the information about How to Ask Questions on Instagram.

The provision of uploading a story that the followers can view for is about 24 hours.

This is the perfect way for a celebrity or an influencer to sit down and chat with their followers. Everyone wants to have an active audience, and the only way to do this is by continuously interacting with them.

Instagram stories within themselves have several features that allow the followers to interact with an account constantly.

Instagram stories

How to Ask Questions on Instagram
How to Ask Questions on Instagram? 4

What people can do through Instagram stories is like they can put up polls, music, can combine pictures, use GIFs, stickers, etc. One such feature on the stories was the introduction of the “ask me a question” feature.

This created a lot of hype and was widely used by people to connect more to the followers and see how much they know each other.

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This sticker or the feature is extensively used by influencers and big-budgeted celebrities to ask their audience’s opinions and curate new and fresh content for them.

Asking a question on Instagram is a pretty straightforward and easy task. You don’t have to do a lot and follow some simple steps.

How to Ask Questions on Instagram?

The steps to put up the “ask me a question” sticker on your stories are:

  1. On the top, there will be a little plus sign. On clicking, your story camera will open. You can slide towards the right and open the camera, which leads to the story option.
  2. You click a photo or select a template or a picture from your gallery to create a cute little story post for your followers.
  3. One tip is to post a story that looks clean yet not basic so that it is pretty to look at.
  4. The story you create could be a simple photo, or a boomerang, handsfree, super-zoom, or just a video. Instagram story options allow you to explore many things, and you can be creative and yourself here.
  5. Once you are done with this, then you will see a little square icon on the top. Click on it, and you will see a lot of options to add to your story. There will be stickers, polls, additional photos if you are using Instagram on IOS. Click on the questions sticker here and add it to your story.
    1. Type the question on the box and then resize it according to your preference and put it on the story nicely.
  6. The character limit of the question is 75-80 so that you can’t have a question of more than three lines. Try to keep it simple and sweet.
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How to Ask Questions on Instagram
How to Ask Questions on Instagram? 5

Once you are done with this, upload the story and wait for your followers to interact.

Whenever they open and view your account, they can see the question sticker hovering on their screens. When they type in whatever answer they want to give, you will receive a notification with the name of the profile.

You can also view the answers by going to that story and swiping up where all the answers will be compiled.

If you want, you can select any one of these answers and share it with your story. If you wish, you can have additions to it.

Some people like to share many answers together, and they can do this by clicking on the answers and arranging the stickers accordingly.

The whole process of uploading a story sticker is easy and straightforward, and anyone can go through this.