Instagram is a social networking platform that enables users to connect and interact with individuals worldwide. You can quickly share your photos, stories, and other content with your followers on a private or public account.

You are in charge of the images or videos you post on Instagram. Instagram alerts you when someone tags you in a photo and adds the image to the "Photos of You" tab on your profile page.

When using Instagram, you always have the option to manually or automatically have images and videos that tag you display on your profile. When you manually upload photos and videos to your profile, they won't go live until you give them the go-ahead. When someone tags you in a picture or video, it will often automatically be uploaded to your profile.

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The decision to tag someone in a post is up to the user, and the individual being tagged may also choose to be tagged. Users may explicitly decide to tag posts manually, and they can also erase or conceal the tags from appearing on their profile.

It's time to act if you've observed that other people are tagging your images. Instagram has added new capabilities to aid users in better managing their postings. Among these is the capability of tagging brands. You may prevent spamming posts by accepting or denying the tags. Your followers will see your posts more frequently the more individuals you tag. Make sure you monitor comments to get rid of spam and unwanted comments.

This blog focuses solely on the manual approval procedure for tagged content. You may activate this option quickly and easily by following a few easy steps. Let's dissect the blog to reveal the information.

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  • Open your Instagram account by first entering your login information, including your username and password. You can open your account in a browser or an app.
  • After signing in, click the profile icon and once again click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Click the setting there that resembles a metal gear.
  • Then, select the privacy option under the settings and enter your information. There will be a further option in the privacy menu called Tags. Select the Tags menu item.
  • A screen displaying the Tags control choices will appear when you choose the Tags option. There will be another option there called Manually Approve Tags. There will be an enable or deactivate button when you select that choice. The ability to manually approve requests may be turned on there.
  • Additionally, you have the option to remove or hide the tagged post from your profile. That completes the steps for turning on Instagram's manual approval feature for tagged posts.
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On Instagram, how can You hide your tagged images?

You may easily untag yourself from the postings if you are concerned that you or your friends will be seen in tagged posts. If you untag yourself, though, you won't ever be able to see the image again. Open the picture first, then untag yourself. Tap the symbol with a person's outline and username on the third row. The next step is to choose Hide from my profile.

How To Approve Tagged Photos On Instagram?
How To Approve Tagged Photos On Instagram? 4

You must sign into your Instagram account to accomplish this. Select the "options" icon on your profile page. It is located in the screen's upper right corner. Tap the "posts" and "privacy" tabs here. Additionally, you have the option to "Hide tagged photographs."

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Additionally, you have the option of hiding some postings from other users. Visit the user's profile who published the tagged photo and press the three dots in the top right corner. You may access the hidden posts using Settings > Privacy and Security. If you'd prefer not to see posts, you may unhide them. However, you may always contact the Instagram team for clarification if you have any questions.

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