It should be no surprise that Instagram frequently suggests users view other people's accounts because connecting people is social media's primary function.


These recommendations could encourage users to tap or at the very least follow someone they know or are interested in.

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Users who want to expand their network may find this a useful Instagram feature, but for those who like to maintain their privacy, being on someone else's suggestion list may be unsettling.

This blog will outline the elements that affect your Instagram visibility for people curious about how to appear on someone's suggested list.

How to appear on a person's Instagram suggested friends list?

Users cannot activate the built-in Instagram suggestion tool and specify who they wish to be suggested to.

It uses a sophisticated algorithm with several variables that affect who gets suggested Instagram accounts from users.

In this blog, we'll attempt to explain some variables that affect who sees your profile.

  • Mutual Friends - The likelihood that your profile will be shown in the suggested list of your mutual followers' increases as the number of mutual friends you have with someone increases. This is because Instagram thinks that the "mutual friends" and the account you follow have those interests—in this example, those interests are those of your profile.
  • Search history - Instagram's algorithm also considers how often you have looked up a user and how long you have spent browsing and interacting with their profile. Therefore, the more you have looked at and interacted with someone's profile without following them, the more likely their name will appear on your suggested list.
  • Linked social media accounts - Since Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same corporation, Meta, it is not surprising that occasionally the same suggestions appear on both platforms. Additionally, if you are friends with someone on Facebook, their profile may appear in Instagram's recommendation box.
  • Instagram hashtags - Adding Instagram hashtags to your Instagram photos is an intriguing additional feature that affects your appearance in a user's profile recommendation list. Someone else will likely recommend your Instagram account to them if you utilize many of their hashtags.
  • Phone contacts - If you have synchronized your account with your contact list, Instagram will also offer profiles of users whose phone numbers you have saved on your phone.
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Unfortunately, there isn't a trick to getting your Instagram account to show up on someone's list of "recommended users"; instead, it all depends on how much you and that person have in common.

Due to Instagram's efforts to provide its users with "relevant" content—i.e., stuff that is most likely to be of interest to them—this has happened. As a result, it is impossible to choose who will be offered to you on the site.

How to access Instagram's friend suggestions?

When you open your Instagram account, a list of suggested users will appear beneath the "Edit" option.

To view the suggested users, slide from right to left, or press the "See all" option.

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When you open the suggested list, you will notice that Instagram has divided the users into a few groups, the first of which includes the users you have the most in common regarding friends. You may also find users who have just joined the network.

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What Can You Do to Stop Friend Suggestions?

There is a simple method to eliminate this feature if you don't like it. Visit a web browser (the app doesn't offer this option) and carry out these steps:

Go to your profile by clicking it at the bottom right.

Near the top of the screen, tap Edit Profile.

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The "Similar Account Suggestions" option is down at the bottom. Press it to turn off the function.

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