Instagram is the social media industry is the next big thing to be fair. It is owned by Facebook yet, it might overtake in the number of users within few decades. As compared to other big players in the social media scene. Instagram is one of the newest ones. Although it has been in the industry for quite a while. An attractive feature of Instagram is obviously updating of bio. you can do different experiments with your bio. This is why people often ask about how to add special characters to your Instagram bio. Instagram is for the new generation this is the major reason why people often want to have a nice stylish bio.

how to add special characters to your Instagram Bio

Why have an appealing bio?

Your Instagram bio shows your character. It shows what you stand for and also a bit of your style. That is why it is much needed to have an appealing bio. Most people have a private account on Instagram. In such a case you definitely need a good bio. Because the other person if is not following you then your profile picture is hardly visible. And your bio is the only thing that they can see. In a private account your highlights, stories, and pictures can be seen only by your followers. So for your non-followers, you need to have a stylish or an innovative bio as for that matter.

People often use quotes, dates of birth, dialogues, etc. Some people even write about the things they stand for. Like, would have a pride flag or something. Maybe could even have the name of the football club they support. There is no end to the options. It is endless. You can just keep on exploring it and experimenting with it. One of the famous methods is of adding special characters in the Instagram account bio to be precise. People like to add them as it gives a cool and stylish look to the bio. And there is no harm to it. After all the Instagram bio is kind of the face of your Instagram account. So make full of it.

How to add special characters in the bio?

Whenever we see something new and cool. We instantly think that it would be tough to do. It is just a mindset. The same is the case with adding special characters in the Instagram bio. people think that it would be tough or complex to add special characters in the Instagram account bio. But to be fair it is anything but tough. Let us see how easy it is to add special characters in an Instagram bio so to say. After this tutorial for sure, your query of “how to add special characters to your Instagram Bio” would be solved. So obviously the first step would be to open your Instagram account. It really goes without saying. Next click on your profile picture on the bottom right. Then you are at your profile. There you can see the edit option. Where you can edit your bio.

An insert option would be there click on it and then on the advanced symbol. When you click on it you get the options for advanced symbols. For example, you could pencil, stars, etc. in the drop-down menu you could see a lot of options. Browse them, look for the best one for you, and then select it. Another way could of simply copy-pasting it from the internet or a Word document. You can go and copy a symbol and then simply paste it in the edit bio section.

how to add special characters to your Instagram Bio

Now you can even get yourself some extra followers on Instagram easily. Hope this article helps you in the best possible way.