With every update, Instagram comes with added features. One such popular feature of Instagram is the option of adding music to Instagram stories and posts. Instagram allows people to choose from a diverse range of songs and music. It also offers the option to import songs from other music streaming applications like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Shazam. If you too want to enjoy this feature, we have you covered. In this guide, we have enlisted ways on how to add music to Instagram posts and stories. Without wasting more time, continue reading below. 

Why is this feature so popular? 

Ever since the feature of adding music to Instagram posts and stories has been added to Instagram, people have been extensively using this feature. With the latest version of Instagram, the new reels feature is also available. You would be surprised to notice that Instagram adds new tunes, songs, and music to its already existing vast music library every day.  

Why is this feature so popular

Needless to say, Instagram is now the top preferred application for businessmen, influencers, and common people. They have the power to attract potential customers to their stores. But often they overlook the effects of good music. Music and visuals work together. The right kind of music would enhance the visual appeal of your content. Thus, Instagram music is an excellent tool to boost video engagement levels.  

Since Instagram is an active brand marketing platform, creating a video with music and sharing it on your Instagram account is important. The process of adding music is extremely easy and fast. But not everyone is a tech-savvy person. Some people struggle with adding music to a post or story. Some also face issues because they don’t have access to certain songs. For them, we have provided this detailed account centered on the various ways in which one can add music to one’s Instagram story and post respectively. 

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post?

Firstly, remember that Instagram doesn’t allow its users to add music to one’s posts directly. One can only add music directly from Instagram collection while uploading stories and reels. Even if you have to add my music to a video and then post it on Instagram, you have to edit the video beforehand. For that, download the desired song you want to add and edit your video accordingly.

For editing the video as per your need, you can take the help of any video editing apps and programs that are freely available on the internet. Once you are done editing, you can post the video on Instagram. Also, remember that you cannot add a song to any picture. This feature is still unavailable for users. It only works with videos. 

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

Are you willing to upload an exciting Instagram story with excellent visuals and music in the background? We all know how magical the combination of good music and good visuals is. So are you ready to add some pretty good music in sync with your video and upload it to your Instagram story? Follow the following steps for that. 

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories
  • Open the Instagram application on your device. 
  • Log into it with your username and password. Make sure to enter them directly. 
  • Now, you would notice a plus + button on your profile picture at the top left of yourInstagram feed. Press on that plus. 
  • Your Instagram camera would open immediately. 
  • Now, select the video or photo that you would like to put up on the story and add music to it. 
  • Once you have selected the video or pictures, click on the sticker button on the top of the screen. 
  • Now, click on the music option. 

Once you open that, an innumerable list of songs would appear on the screen. If you aren’t willing to go through the list, one by one, you can simply search for the song that you are looking for. Instagram also has different forms of the same song, such as instrumental, duet, slow version, etc. You can also browse through songs based on the song’s mood, genre, etc. 

Once you find the music of your choice, click on it. The music would start to play. 

  • You can rewind, fast forward, and select a specific portion of the song that you would like to add to your Instagram story. 
  • After you have selected the portion of music, click on the done. You can now preview how the story would look like. 
  • That’s all. Share the story now. 

However, before you proceed to upload a story, you need to know that the story would only be available for 15 seconds. Make sure that the video you upload isn’t more than that. If that’s the case, we suggest you cut the video into parts of 15 seconds or less and upload it consecutively. If you fail to do so and upload a video that’s more than 15 seconds, Instagram would post the first 15 seconds. 

Oftentimes, adding music to Instagram gives rise to copyright issues. Unfortunately then, you have to remove the video or story. Hence, make the video short. Instagram recommends people use short clips of music. 

People are always suggested to take music or share music from Instagram copyright-free music. Facebook or Instagram has developed a library of songs from where people can share the music of their choice. If you post any video or picture with music from Instagram list, your post wouldn’t present copyright issues. 

This feature of Instagram has become extremely popular. Not only has it made the content more enjoyable but also has increased interest among people and helps your account gain more followers. If you can’t find your suitable music or song from Instagram, you can import songs from any other song streaming application.