Instagram's standout features, including IGTV and story, make it simpler to communicate with the audience. However, despite having a lot of positive qualities, Instagram stories continue to top the list of its features. More than 500 million Instagram users use this function to increase their reach and engagement.

Even if you post stories with beautiful images, your audience might not be interested in them or share your sentiments. Your articles will appear much better if you have music in them. This post will show you how to make Instagram stories more entertaining to watch by adding music without using stickers.

You may choose a piece of music to play during the story using the option located in the Sticker tray. However, some tracks cannot be accessed using this approach, or perhaps you don't want to use the Instagram Sticker. It appears that there are simple solutions for it. Let's explore this by following Techniques.

Upload Music to Instagram Stories Without Using a Sticker

Technique 1

Especially when you're just making Stories for fun, Stories are typically generated on the spur of the moment, and there isn't time to thoroughly photograph and edit them. You may choose to make the Instagram Music sticker invisible if you don't like it obscuring your story.

  • Starting with the Instagram app, create a story. A photograph or a video might be used. After taking the picture or choosing one from the gallery, you will see the preview screen.
  • You may complete the story's appearance and feel on this screen. You may insert stickers, alter captions, add filters, and add hashtags. To open the Stickers tray, tap the Stickers button on the top.
  • The Music sticker would display if you typed "music" into the search field. When you tap on it, a song selection choice appears.
  • You would have the choice to cut the desired amount of the story after choosing music. You have the option of static stickers or lyrics that change. You may fully conceal the lyrics, even though they occasionally look good and suit the plot. 
  • Tap Done after selecting the standard sticker, as seen in the image below.
  • Pinch the sticker to make it smaller, then drag it to the top until it disappears from the screen. The music would still be playing, but the sticker would be entirely obscured. Have fun posting!
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How To Add Music To An Instagram Story Without A Sticker? 4

Technique 2

The approach above is straightforward and uncomplicated, but it is unsuccessful if you cannot discover any of the music you want on Instagram. Instagram must license this music, and if an agreement cannot be reached, they are unable to display the song in the app. Nevertheless, we can quickly add the song to our narrative using a straightforward video editor.

Almost all platforms, including Android, iPhone, Chromebook, and PC, have been covered regarding video editors. You can select any video editor you like. 

  • Make a recording of the Instagram story you wish to share. By pressing the download option while using the Instagram app, you may save stories to the Photos app.
  • The next thing you'll need is the music file that we'll overlay the video. The music may be obtained using the Files app, recorded in any existing movie on your phone, or downloaded from iTunes using VN Editor. We may begin overlaying the music over the video as soon as you receive it.
  • Open a new project with the VN Editor application. Tap next after selecting the video. On the timeline, click Add Music.
  • There are several ways to add music, including sound effects, recordings, and music files. Tap Music, then choose More.
  • The music layer should now be adjusted to fit the video's narrative. Additionally, you may cut out the parts of the music that don't go with the video.
  • Save the project to your camera roll by exporting it. It's time for your Instagram story. Open Instagram, choose the most current video and share it as your story. Have fun posting!
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Including music is an excellent approach to improving and differentiating your content on Instagram Stories. We hope this advice will help you elevate your Stories, whether you're sharing your most recent favourite song or adding some music to a video.

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