The story feature was brought in the application in 2016. At that time, limited options were available for the Instagram story. As Instagram receives updates, the lyrics feature is added to Instagram. In this feature, you can add any song to your Instagram story. But How to add lyrics to an Instagram story?

how to add lyrics to an Instagram story
How To Add Lyrics To an Instagram Story? 4

Today Instagram offers a lot of features to its users.

Features like adding Polls, GIFs, stickers, Lyrics, Timers are available, which can be while posting stories on Instagram. And most people prefer to add songs to their Instagram stories, which makes the situation more relatable.

But most of the people didn’t know how to add lyrics to the Instagram story.

In this article, we will be discussing how to add lyrics to the Instagram story.


A 15-second duration of the song can be shared with lyrics in the Instagram story.

Your followers can enjoy your story for a maximum duration of 24 hours. After uploading the video or photo in the story, you can swipe up and select your favorite music. You have to choose the option music to add the music and its lyrics. You can customize it according to your preference.

This feature was introduced by Instagram in 2021, but it is limited to some countries.

This feature is not available worldwide at the moment. In 2021 the feature was introduced worldwide along with India.

And this feature was recently introduced to countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, the Middle East, and other countries.

A wide variety of soundtracks all over the world are available on Instagram.

Whether you want to add traditional music or Pop music, you can easily do it within some seconds.

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how to add lyrics to an Instagram story
How To Add Lyrics To an Instagram Story? 5

A fast step by step method is discussed below on how to add lyrics to Instagram story.

  1. First, open the Instagram app on your Smartphone.
  2. Click on the ‘Your Story Option”.
  3. Now add a clip or photo to your story from your gallery.
  4. You can also shoot a video or image within the Instagram app.
  5. After uploading the photo or the clip, you have to swipe up and choose the music sticker icon. A wide variety of music will be available for you.
  6. The music is categorised according to their names.
  7. You can browse for your favorite music.
  8. Choose a perfect soundtrack for your story. You can choose the soundtrack according to the theme of your story like Hiking, Travelling, party, family, etc. Also, you can go with your favorite song.
  9. After selecting the song, you have to choose the part of the song which you want to add to your story. ( The maximum song limit is of 15 seconds)
  10. You can add lyrics to your story and choose it from various formats.
  11. After applying the lyrics and the song, tap on Done.
  12. An option will pop-up that whether you want to share this story with your followers or close friends. Choose any one option according to your preference.
  13. Click on the Share button.
  14. Your music story will be added and displayed for 24 hours.
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Why Lyrics and Songs are essential? How to add lyrics to an Instagram story?

You can easily add lyrics and songs to your Instagram stories. The steps related to “ how to add lyrics to Instagram Story” are discussed above. Lyrics and songs are essential for an Instagram story as they justify your mood at that time. A relevant song with lyrics can make your Instagram story look more creative and attractive.

Even if you own a brand or business, you can add music and lyrics to your story while promoting the product, as it will make your product more dynamic and engaging.

You can add music that is relevant and recognizable for your product.

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