You may include your location in your bio if you have a business account on Instagram. If you manage an Instagram business page, the location may be helpful. It enables your visitors to pinpoint the actual location of the company.

Except for the account type, there are no restrictions on who may add their location to their bio. Anybody with a business account may add a location for it to appear on their profile.

Nowadays, running a business requires more than just grit. You must be proficient in using digital tools to advertise your company's services.

How can you advertise your services or goods on Instagram if your company page doesn't have a location pinned to it? Let's now explore how to add address to Instagram bio.

Simple Instructions for Adding Location to Instagram Bio

Making your location known to your consumers is an essential first step in expanding your business, as was already established.

However, you must upgrade your account to a Business one to add the location to your Instagram profile. After switching to a business account, follow these steps to add your location to your Instagram bio.

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Step 1: Go to your profile picture icon after logging into your Instagram account and click or tap it.

If you're using a PC to visit Instagram, you may locate the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. The profile symbol may be seen in the Instagram feed at the bottom of the mobile app.

Step 2: When on the profile page, click the Edit Profile button. The editing page will subsequently appear as a result of this action.

Step 3: Scroll down to the area under "Public Business Information." Select the Contact options button after that.

Following that, you'll see four contact information choices: a business email address, a business phone number, a business address, and an action button.

Press or select the Business address option as our objective is to show your company's location in your Instagram profile.

Step 4: On the Location screen, enter the street address, city or town, and zip code in the appropriate fields.

However, to access the City/Town option, click the ">" icon (or, in the most recent version, touch on it) and use the page's search field to locate the city where your company is located.

Step 5: Once the location text boxes have been filled up, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click the blue checkmark button.

Step 6: You will return to the Contact choices page after checking the checkbox.

Tap the blue checkmark button if your company's contact information doesn't need any additional editing.

When the new information you contributed to your profile has been saved, a notification will appear on your computer or smartphone screen.

Step 7: Return your profile page to see whether your company locations have uploaded our bio. The location you added is listed with your company profile name.

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Preserving a personal account while adding a location to the bio

By employing alternate ways, such as simply writing the location on the bio or adding the location's URL using a landing page creation tool like Linktree, you may add a place to your bio without moving to a business account.

Here are the complete instructions to continue including your location in your Instagram bio with a personal Instagram account if you don't like moving to a business account for whatever reason.

Include location information precisely in your bio

You can probably only practically display where you are based on visitors to your Instagram profile using this approach of adding your location without moving to a business account.

Even if it could be difficult for people to click and discover your location's directions, at least they would know where your company is. Your followers would be familiar with the area, which would help you expand your local clientele.

After a few words of description in your bio, most people would write their city and state of residence. Instagram primarily prohibits using several paragraphs in your bio. It will eliminate any white space (the "gap" created when you click the enter key to begin a new line), combining the bio and the location on the same line to make reading more challenging.

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With these precise techniques, you can, fortunately, make room in your Instagram bio to add a new line for your location. While this isn't as successful as converting to a business account, it's worthwhile to do when you don't want to transfer.

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