The travel bloggers have made the best use of Instagram and they have gotten paid very heavily and traveled the world. Anyone who is an avid blogger also maintains a proper Instagram account so that the posts they get to make on Instagram help them make money. Once you have garnered the right kind of audience, the major question that strikes everyone’s mind is how much you charge for an Instagram post. There are a lot of metrics that are involved in the charging process. But having a basic idea of the formula to calculate would make some significant help.


How Much You Charge for an Instagram Post
How Much You Charge for an Instagram Post? 16

In case you are planning to earn via your Instagram account, you need to understand how the charging process works for an Instagram post. Not just Instagram posts, any sort of content you get to post on Instagram would in turn make money if you have the right set of followers and you have created a brand identity for yourself. Instagram Reels is one of the latest features that are drawing a lot of attention from the audience. There are a lot of success stories that reveal the fact that the follower count has multiplied tenfold as they had released some Instagram reel videos. 

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The best part of Instagram reel videos is that you get to cut short a very lengthy video into a very informative one within the stipulated available time.

What is the minimum amount you could start with? 

If you have around 1000 good followers in your account, which would in turn provide good value for your marketing of products and services, you could charge around $10 for every post you make. In case you have around 10,000 followers in your account that would provide better feedback and reach for the posts you make, you could charge around 100 dollars. These are some of the tips gathered from a survey taken from the top Instagram influencers. 

It is always better to start with a minimal account as you would end up getting a lot of sponsored posts. In case you charge very heavily for an amateur or an initial-level blogger, you would end up losing a lot of potential clients. 

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What is some niche concept you need to be aware of regarding the charging of posts?

Now that you are equipped with the idea of a minimal amount to charge for Instagram content, you need to equip yourself with the understanding of what are the other factors that go into the pricing. How much you charge for an Instagram post depends on the kind of posts you get to make.

How Much You Charge for an Instagram Post
How Much You Charge for an Instagram Post? 17

Correlation between Instagram post and pricing 

If you have an idea that there are no types or classification for an Instagram post, you have not obtained the right knowledge regarding social media marketing. There are a lot of subdivisions within the wider umbrella term of Instagram posts. Some of the common types along with the pricing are described below.

  • Static Post
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This is a type of post generally used for sponsored content and one of the highly charged posts as it would stay on the person’s account until he or she desires to remove it. 

  • Carousel Post 

A carousel post is a series of posts made in the same take. It could include videos as well. It is equally charged to static posts.

  • Video posts 

If you want to showcase the features of a product, you can go for a video post and they are charged based on the length of the video. 

  • IGTV post 

IGTV posts are very time-consuming as they require a lot of editing. Product reviews are generally made using IGTV. 

  • Link in Bio video

If you are looking for a cheap yet effective way of marketing a product and a client is willing to pay a lesser amount, you could go for a link in the biotype of content. 

How to charge for Instagram posts effectively? 

There are certain ways to revamp your account to get more sponsored posts so that you could make more money. 

  • Grow your audience

This is the first and foremost step you need to do by making use of various tips and tricks. You need to grow your audience. 

  • Have a website

It is not just enough to have a very good image and reputation via social networking sites like Instagram. Add a website link to the Instagram bio as well.

These are some of the things you need to know about making a post on social media networking sites like Instagram and earning money out of it. There are other things like negotiating and how much you charge for an Instagram post which plays a pivotal role in charging more. Never accept the first offer put out to you. 

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