Influencers Share Their Secret to Earning Big Bucks on Social Media

If you’re quite active on social media, you may have come across content that talks about different products or services.  It may look just like a tip, however. In actuality, it’s the way to generate revenue by indirectly advertising specific products or services. The new trend is called influencer marketing and professionals in this field earn millions every year. Posts, stories, and videos have different prices, and all are ways to monetize content production. But how much does an influencer make? Well, there’s no one-liner answer to this question!

Statistics say that many influencers earn from R$ 300,000 to R$ 500,000 per month! And it’s the earning that determines an influencer's role and differentiates him/her from the regular content creators.

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Content creator x digital influencer: know how to differentiate them to understand how much does an influencer make

Understanding the difference between a content creator and an influencer is imperative to comprehend how to start earning as an influence and how much does an influencer make.

A content creator is responsible for the entire chain of information dissemination on the Internet. He/ she produces and shares information on websites, blogs, social networks, streaming platforms, WAP networks, and other online media. But this does not prevent him from generating content for offline media such as billboards, newspapers, and magazines.

Articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, and publications on social networks are some examples of content that experts create. It's worth mentioning here that the creator may or may not subscribe to the materials he or she produces.

On the other hand, a digital influencer is necessarily the one who has a loyal and engaged audience in his/her online channels. To some extent, he can induce the purchase decision of his followers. Moreover, he dictates behaviors and generates trends. You can also describe an influencer as a source of information and reference on a certain subject.

With the role of guiding the followers, the influencer participates in the buying process. He/she may do so because of his/her ability to raise or lower the brand's reputation, depending on the situation.

As an influencer, it is necessary to master communication, marketing, and public speaking techniques for generating engagement and standing out in the crowd.

Influencers are trendy, but the profession is not new

As said before, the answer to the question, how much does an influencer make is not a one-liner one. To make it out, you need to be aware of the associated information as well.

With the advancement of social networking sites like Instagram and YouTube, influencers came to the fore. The profession, however, is an old one. In the 1760s, an English porcelain brand called Wedgwood used Queen Charlotte to promote its products.

You can consider the said initiative as the beginning of advertising with influencers. From this to the massification of social networks, brands allied themselves with people who had some prominence in their fields. For example, the partnership between Nike and Michael Jordan to launch a line of sneakers in the 1990s, , marked an era.

With the arrival of social networks, there was a democratization of influencers. With the ease in producing content (quality or not), they caught the attention of major brands.

Before, brands needed to talk to you through mass media. But, now with the help of influencers, brands are able to influence people to buy products and services. In addition, even debates are being carried out on serious issues through various networks. In this way, the acceptance of a product, previously used to depend on one's own social circle, but now it depends on the ability of an influencer.

How much does an influencer make - Galaxy Marketing

How much does an influencer earn - depends on the number of followers

Although there is no regulation related to this, the advertising market divides influencers according to the number of followers each one has. Mega influencers are those who have more than 1 million followers on social networks. With all this support, their monthly earnings reach up to $ 500 thousand!

A little lower is the group of macro-influencers, who carry up to 1 million followers. For this group, the monthly earnings are up to $ 100 thousand on average. The medium ones, who have between 20 thousand and 200 thousand followers, can earn up to R$ 30 thousand.

There are still micro-influencers, who, despite earning up to $15,000 a month, are now the best bet of the influence market, because they don't carry the consumer's distrust about credibility.

Hope you've got an idea about how much does an influencer make!

How Does An Influencer Earn?

Let's delve deeper and find out the methodology that helps an influencer earn.

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts on social media are the most direct, incisive, and conventional way for an influencer to promote a product or service. The way an influencer posts it depends on the brand's own objective, and it can be one or more posts, a sequence of publications, or a carousel in the feed.

There are several ways to make a sponsored publication. From simply sharing the brand's content to creating his/her own images with the product or service, to recording videos informing about the launch of a new brand - it includes all.

2. Selling digital products

The other way an influencer can earn is by selling digital products. As they are intangible, they are inexpensive for both the producer and the buyer. E-books, infographics, courses, tutorials, travel guides, and diet programs are examples of digital products. This is one of the ways how does an influencer earn.

3. Selling physical products

Going beyond the virtuality, the influencer gets to sign or co-create the product or service with the brand. In this model, he/she receives a commission for all sales or a fixed amount for the partnership in the social network.

This alternative is very lucrative for influencers, since the income increases if the product has good commercial performance.

Becoming a brand ambassador - a perfect antswer to how does influencer earn

For institutional campaigns, companies often hire digital influencers in building long-term relationships with their audiences. The goal here is to capture leads and build potential buyers. Therefore, it is essential that the influencer knows the brand deeply and becomes the expert of the product or service, because he will frequently talk about the company in all its communication channels.

It is common for ambassadors to be hired by brands regardless of the "size" of their influence on the web (macro, medium, micro, nano influencers, or even celebrities).

Hope this helps and while finding out the answer, how much does an influencer earn, you must have checked that follower count matters a lot! So, start gaining as many followers as you want on Instagram today!