When you scroll through your Instagram feed or go to your explore page, you are bound to see at least one sponsored post. Some famous Instagrammers or influencers endorse products and services that make you wonder how much they get paid for them. Instagram influencers also take to Instagram stories and live streaming to connect with their audience and talk about their sponsorships.

Through each of these engagements, they are getting paid for their advertising. It is so easy to become an endorser of a product by taking a few pictures or videos and posting them on your feed for your followers to see.

You might wonder where they get the credibility to influence such a vast amount of people. Their influx of social engagement is the most significant reason behind their success, among other things. It starts by impacting and influencing other people, especially the influencer's followers, to buy the said products or services and get paid in terms of free products or money.

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If you question how much do Instagram influencers make, read this article till the end to find out.

Factors that contribute to Instagram Influencer's income:


One of the most significant deciding factors for climbing the popularity ladder is the number of followers you have on your Instagram page. Having more followers does not automatically mean bigger pay. It certainly plays a massive part in your income.

Because brands reach out to influencers to help them advertise and market their products or services, it pays to have a wider audience with whom the influencer can share the said product or service. Therefore, it solely depends on your engagement rates- how many likes and comments you can generate on the particular post.

Profitable posts according to follower count:

how much money do Instagram influencers make
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Micro Social Influencers:

Micro-influencers have ‍a small social presence and can have about 10,000 dollars online. "Micro" influencers have anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 followers. Most of the time, these pages cater to a specific niche which will attract more customers for recommendations and opinions on the said products or services.

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‍According to studies, micro-influencers can make up to $88.00 every hour, on average. However, it is common for micro-influencers to hold off any payment or charges upfront at the beginning of their career as social influencers. The reason for this is to garner a more extensive audience/ customer base that can guarantee a long-term online presence.  

If you are serious about your career as an Instagram influencer, following this strategy can help get your name out there for future collaborations and sponsorships. This includes getting free items to try out or even services such as vacations, all paid for by the business/brand sponsoring you.

More than 10,000 followers but less than 100,000 Followers

When you have this many followers, businesses and brands will reach out to you personally through direct messaging. Typically, these are messages that request product endorsement on your page in exchange for free items. For example, if the brand is skincare, they will offer you a few products as samples to try out and review on your page.   

‍Some brands may also offer monetary funds, but it is up to the influencer if they don't want to start accepting cash as yet. Most people refrain from financial transactions at this stage for fear of stunting their success growth. Hitting the 100,000 marks for followers is where social Instagrammers feel is the "socially acceptable" time to start taking money for endorsements and sponsorships.   

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Although not set in pen, it is often an accepted practice to charge $10 for every 1000 followers an influencer has after reaching the 100,000 marks. Those with followers count between 50,000 to 80,000 generally earn about $200 for every post they make. However, this price is subject to change based on the influencer's demand and the advertiser or the brand itself.

‍More than 100,000 followers but less than 1,000,000 followers:

Those influencers with 250,000 to 500,000 followers typically earn about $670 on average per post. This does not mean that they have to post a picture of the endorsement on their feed. Instead, they can get access to many added features and benefits, such as the "swipe up" feature on Instagram that lets you link websites to your stories. But it doesn't even need to be a picture on their feed that brings in the cash.

After crossing 1 million followers, the page is free to charge how much they think is perfect for them. Head on here to gain more followers on Instagram.