People love to share their happy moments on social platforms. It leads to the essential question of how many people can you tag on Instagram. If you are reading this article, chances are that you are looking for the answer. Do not worry because you have done the right thing by coming to this article.

Instagram is an online platform that can be utilized for many purposes. One of the popular motives of using Instagram is to share your emotions and lovely moments with others. The tagging feature of Instagram helps you in giving the real experience of being with your friends. If you are happy, excited, sad, or feeling any other emotion, you can simply tag your friends and let them know. However, this is the time where you want to know how many people can you tag on Instagram.

Even if your friend or dear person is not present in the picture you are posting, you can always make them their part by tagging them. However, there is a limit to the number of the person you can share your emotions with.

how many people can you tag on Instagram (2021)
How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram? 4

In this article, we will answer the question "how many people can you tag on Instagram (2021))”. In addition, we will inform you about the number of people you can tag on posts and stories. Interestingly, there are different limits to tag people on Instagram posts and stories.

Instagram Posts: How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

Tagging someone on Instagram or other social media platforms is a way to show the importance of that person. If you have many loving people in your life, you might want to know the limit to make the decision efficiently. In 2021, Instagram has updated some of its features. We will tell you about the limit keeping in mind the recent upgrades.

Currently, you can mention up to 20 people on your single Instagram post. In case, you want to tag more than 20 people, you should know that you can’t. So, while tagging people on Instagram make sure that you do not go beyond the limit. However, if you try to add more than 20 people, Instagram won’t let you do it. So, you don’t have any other choice than to tag only 20 people.

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On the contrary, if you see, 20 is a lot number of people. If you want to add more people, you can do something creative. Apart from posting one picture, you can post more and tag different people in those posts. It will make sure that you don’t leave behind any of your friends.

Moreover, having more posts will help in getting more likes. If you have more likes, your posts will get viral enabling you in getting more followers on Instagram.

how many people can you tag on Instagram (2021)
How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram? 5

Instagram Stories: How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

Now, let us talk about the number of people you can add or tag on your Instagram stories. Tagging people on stories help you in showing your true feelings for that person. Whether you are tagging people for pictures or videos in your stories, there is a limitation to it.

On Instagram stories, you can tag up to 10 people. However, the limit is for each story. So, you can add different people to different stories. If you think that you have missed out on any of your friends, post another story and tag them there. See, problem solved!

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What to Do If You Can’t Tag Anyone In Posts Or Stories?

There are times when you are not able to tag people on Instagram. It could be due to the privacy settings of those people. If you find difficulty, inform those people. They will change their setting related to who can mention them and you can quickly tag them in your posts and stories.