People commonly swap their holidays and other images on Instagram since it's an excellent platform for sharing photos with family and friends. You might not be familiar with Instagram's tag limit, though. As it turns out, there are restrictions on how many friends you may tag in that post.

You may only use five "@ mentions" in a single Instagram remark, according to the platform's help centre. Therefore, you can only identify 20 of your friends in the large group photo you upload to your feed, and there is a restriction on the number of people you may tag in a remark when you want your pals to view a hilarious joke on Instagram. Therefore, when it comes to the total number of individuals you may mention, it does appear to matter whether you tag them in a post or a reply.

Therefore, it appears that there is a 20-person maximum for tags. However, you may still draw attention to a post by adding extra tags in the post's caption, whether or not the additional tags are included in the post itself. They'll understand that you want them to see that particular post this way.

How to use Instagram tags

On Instagram, there are several ways to tag, including:

1. hashtags 

2. account tags

3. Product tags

4. Location tags

On Instagram, hashtags make it possible for users to find you and make it easier to find material related to popular subjects, trends, or interests.

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Use product tags to categorize your items if you own a small business or are a well-known brand. First, you need to have Instagram Shopping enabled and adhere to Instagram's rules.

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