One such provision that Instagram made possible in recent times was the introduction of the story highlight. Whenever someone opens up your profile, the first thing they check out is your bio. If you are a business account or are trying to establish yourself on this platform, this story highlight feature is a boon for you as it will be displayed on your profile, and your followers can check these out anytime. Does this article contain How Many Highlights Can You Have on Instagram?

How Many Highlights Can You Have on Instagram
How Many Highlights Can You Have on Instagram? 3

How Many Highlights Can You Have on Instagram?

Whenever you upload a story on Instagram, it disappears from your profile after 24 hours. Instagram story highlight allows you to keep these stories forever on your particular highlight, and anyone who follows you can view it when they want. Whenever someone opens up your profile, the highlights will be showcased in an obvious and neat manner, and you can add a lot of stories within it. This helps people to know more about you. Sometimes there are specific photos you don’t want to post but want to remain on your profile. Highlights allow you to achieve that as well.

How To Create the Story Highlight?

The process of making a story highlight is simple and not too time-consuming. You can do it using the following steps.


  1. When you have just uploaded a story, and you want to highlight it forever, you have to open your story again.
  2. There will be a highlight option with a heart symbol below the story.
  3. Click on it and choose a highlight you want to save it in.
  4. If you don’t have a highlight, after clicking on this, it will show you the option of creating one, and you can do that.
  5. Once you do this, your stories will be stored in that highlight, and people can view them even after 24 hours.

Highlight From Archived Stories

  1. Your stories which you have previously uploaded go into the archive story section of your profile.
  2. To view these, go to your profile and click on the story highlights option below your bio.
  3. There will be a plus icon which on clicking will open your story archive.
  4. Click on the stories you want to add to your highlight.
  5. Once you do this, click on the next option, and this will lead you to the page where you have to name your highlight and choose a cover for it.
  6. Once done, save it, and then you can see it on your profile.

You can edit your highlight and add more pictures and videos to it. Just click a little longer on the highlight, and it will show the edit option.

You can add or remove stories from the highlight using this. 

How Many Highlights Can You Have on Instagram
How Many Highlights Can You Have on Instagram? 4

The highlight of Instagram doesn’t have a limit. You can have innumerable highlights dedicated to separate themes and tasks on your profile, and people can view them accordingly if they are correctly arranged. There is a limit of 100 stories on one highlight, and after that, a message will be shown saying “highlight full”. Once this happens, you will have to create a new set of highlights to add more.

Instagram business tools and go hand in hand. This helps many businesses showcase their products and skills in real-time and then keep them embedded in the story highlight forever. This is a good business tool and helps in the displaying of the variety a business owns.

Instagram story highlights are a great way to introduce people to your brand and what you are portraying. The editing options on Instagram, where you can change the covers and customize them according to you, give you a wide variety of stuff to choose from. This will help people know about your previous activities and can be used to highlight important aspects. People can customize and make it look aesthetic, and usually, the fashion bloggers and other influencers use the highlight feature that matches with their feeds and looks super pretty and cute all the time. 

Instagram highlight, when introduced, was one of the most widely accepted upgrades, and it is here to stay.