One cannot deny how vital hashtags are on Instagram. It can be an amazing tool on Instagram when used correctly. But it can also be very confusing. So many people stress using them and say that they are super powerful. But ever wondered how many hashtags on Instagram is right for maximum exposure?

How Many Hashtags On Instagram
How Many Hashtags On Instagram Should You Use For Maximum Growth 12

How Many Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtags are a great way to grow organically. But nobody really tells you how to use it effectively and how to gain from it. No one talks about strategies for implementing the right hashtags correctly to help grow your page. 

Most of the confusion comes from people not knowing that Instagram keeps changing. Instagram is actually the fastest-growing social media platform out there. They are constantly switching things up and tweaking their algorithms to make the platform better. So, to take the stress off your shoulders, follow this guide to know what your hashtag strategy should be. 

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Maximum Number Of Instagram Hashtags

It's safe to say that you can make use of around thirty hashtags. Using hashtags can always increase your chances of expanding your reach on Instagram. Each hashtag is an avenue for people to find your content. The Instagram algorithm works in a way that constantly tries to group your content together. And it tries to find a matching audience for that. 

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So, it'll always find somebody who might like your content. It's a "use it or lose it" type tool. What that means is that if you employ it, there's a high probability of people finding your content. But if you don't use it, you're losing out on that ever happening. So, it goes to say that it's better if you employ it more. 

Also, make use of those 30 hashtags strategically with regards to your brand. Besides, if you think your posts deserve more comments, visit us.


Look For The Most Used Hashtag Posts

To get a feel or an idea of what a hashtag really does, you'll need to check out your competitors. You need to research what kind of hashtags they use and what are the recurring hashtags. You can even search for a certain type of hashtag.

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But hashtags with millions of users become irrelevant to you because it's so saturated with content. Thus, you need to use other strategies to find the perfect hashtag for you and your brand.

Steps to add hashtags for maximum reach
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What Type Of Hashtags Should You Look For?

A lot of strategies exist on how to use a varying number of hashtags. And this includes mixing up the number of uses the hashtag has. So, while these strategies vary, you need to consider how relevant the hashtag is right now. And if it's currently active, you'll get the reach and activity that you want. Your strategy should include these two things: active hashtags and niche hashtags.

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Active Hashtags 

To check if the hashtag is a good fit for you, look at the top nine posts and pay attention to these three things:

  • Make sure that your photo has the same feel and vibe as those top nine posts. 
  • Average the engagement on those posts. To do so, take the top nine posts, the total number of likes, and comments and divide that by nine. If your engagement is equal to or higher than that number, that is a bullseye hashtag. 
  • Make sure those top nine posts aren't outdated. That might be a sign that the hashtag is not currently inactive or less active. Thus, you might not get traction using that hashtag.

Niche-Specific Hashtags

This means that the hashtags you are using should be unique to your brand, photo, or profile. It is another example of why niching down is a benefit to you. So, stay away from irrelevant hashtags. You need to use hashtags only relevant to your content specifically. You can find niche hashtags on Instagram by doing this:

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  • Go to the top nine posts of a hashtag that you're confident are good enough. After that, look at what other hashtags users are using within the top nine.
  • You can also go to a competitor's profile and see what sort of hashtags they're using and use those.
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