To become insta-famous and make a living off of Instagram earnings, you need to have a good social presence. For this, again, you need to have a certain amount of followers to prove your credibility. Your follower count is also one of the first things people notice when they enter your profile on Instagram.

Although there is no specific follower count you need to achieve to start earning money, this number acts more like verification for brands to consider sponsoring you or collaborating with you as an individual or a business brand.

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How many followers you will need to make money on Instagram 4

For individuals and businesses wondering how many followers to make money on Instagramthis article will talk about all the details.

How much money you can make on Instagram:

Like with the follower count, there is no specific number that you can earn on Instagram. However, how much you earn is based on several variables: your niche, your advertising methods, number of followers, and engagement rates.

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The most popular method that Instagram influencers use to earn money is through sponsored posts. Since all Instagram influencers are their agents who can set their rates according to their preferences, this amount can vary. The income potential for two influencers with the same follower count but different marketing methods, advertising, and even the quality of their posts will be the deciding factors when it comes to their earnings.

One of the most influential factors when it comes to earning money on Instagram is the follower count. For example, if an influencer can charge $50 for sponsored posts if they are new to the platform with not many followers, they can charge up to $1000 for one sponsored post for those who have millions of followers. This is because they have a wider audience reach, and hence the sponsored post will reach more people than the first influencer.

How you can grow your Instagram followers count to earn more money:


One of the most important things to remember is that brands that reach out to influencers seek engagement in their sponsored posts. It does not matter how many followers you have, as long as your engagement rate this good. The number of followers plays a part in this process because how many followers you can affect the popularity of the sponsored post. Brands can estimate o how much the engagement rate will be by looking at your number of followers. Accordingly, the payment for sponsored posts will also depend.

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Therefore, the key to making more money on Instagram is to ensure a high engagement rate for all your posts. The engagement rate will be calculated via the total number of comments and likes you get on the post, divided by the number of followers you have, and multiplied by 100.

Any engagement rate that falls from 4% or higher is considered good and even “viral” engagement. This assures brands that your followers are interacting with your post, and so it gives them the green signal to invest money in you so that your followers will, in turn, buy their products.

Importance of your niche:

how many followers do you need to make money on Instagram
How many followers you will need to make money on Instagram 5

Many people today tend to rely on Instagram influencer’s opinions when it comes to making purchases. If an influencer approves or testifies using the service or product, it automatically becomes authentic and reliable.

Since many people tend to look for influencers’ recommendations, it will be beneficial to you as an influencer to be knowledgeable in your niche. This is important because by focusing on a particular place, you create an audience who comes to you for all topics regarding the niche.

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For example, if your niche is skincare, you can promote brands that you already use and benefit you. Hence, you will have more knowledge while also being able to testify to the product’s effectiveness. It gives you an upper hand because of the authenticity and credibility of your claims.

Earn passively as an affiliate:

Make use of affiliate marketing to make a steady but passive income. You can earn money when you sleep! The more followers you have, the more people you can expose to your referral codes, making you money every time it is used.

You can recommend the company’s services or products with an added link to your unique referral code. There are countless affiliate programs available in the market today; join anyone and start earning a side income.

If you are still wondering how many followers to make money on Instagram, watch this