The user base of Instagram has increased a lot. There are chances that more than one pages are there with the almost same username and business account. If you want to stand out and expand your business, you have to get your account verified. How many followers on Instagram to get verified? This can be the first question that will arise in your mind. You don't have to search more because this article will help you get your account verified. Apart from the number of followers required, it will also tell you other criteria that can increase your chances of getting yourself verified. So make sure to read till the end.

It is not that easy to get verified and, not everyone can get verified on Instagram. There are a lot of hoops to jump before you get yourself verified. Even if you get verified but rendered meaningless, the badge can also be taken away. 

How many followers on Instagram to get verified? 

Now let us jump straight to the question so that you can all buckle up to get your account verified.

how many followers on Instagram to get verified How Many Followers on Instagram to get Verified?
How Many Followers on Instagram to get Verified? 4

Well, let me tell you that there is no hard and fast rule about the exact numbers of followers that you need before you get verified. It's true that if you're comparing the account to celebrities, they will have millions of followers that you will take years to reach. But if you have reached a lot of followers without getting verified, just try and submit your account for verification.

You never know you can get verified. There are famous Instagram accounts that have been verified at only 17000 followers. It's just that the matter of content and what is your account about, their role will help you in getting your account verified. There is an account name Shopify stockroom, the mentioned account has been verified at 1000 followers only. 

Can a normal person get verified on Instagram?

The simple answer is yes, even a normal person or a content creator or a person with a small business on Instagram can get themselves verified. But it is not like you just submit your account for verification and, you will get verified. There are some other things that you need to keep in mind before submitting the profile for verification. These are as follows:

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The account should be handled by a real person or it should represent a real business.

how many followers on Instagram to get verified 1 How Many Followers on Instagram to get Verified?
How Many Followers on Instagram to get Verified? 5

The account should be a legitimate account and should represent a unique business except for a language-specific account.

Make sure that your profile on Instagram is complete like your bio, profile picture, and at least one Instagram post should be there before you send your account for verification. 

New business? Oh, you should have established a somewhat nice brand on Instagram like people should be searching for you many times. All these things can increase your chances of getting verified on Instagram. 


I hope that reading this article on how many followers on Instagram to get verified was useful. The short answer that you can get from the article is that there is no specific number of followers that Instagram checks before giving the verification badge to an account. Just make sure that you fulfill the above-mentioned requirement and, you have a well-maintained Instagram account.

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You can even work upon your number of followers, and the number of shares people are doing on your post. All these things will eventually affect your chances of getting a verification badge on your Instagram account. But make sure you show the exact enthusiasm and interaction with your followers after the verification also. Even though the number of followers doesn't matter that much in this process but still you have to be interactive with your followers.

You can also use the service provided by Galaxy Marketing for better results. I hope this article gave you all the details you need for clearing your doubts on this topic. Thank you for reading the article till the end.