Instagram isn’t just a place of fun and glamour. There are many people who have started to earn money through it. People from different fields such as acting, sports, artists, singers, and all other professions have an account on Instagram. This article contains information about How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2021

How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2021

Instagram is one of the platforms where people can address a huge crowd at once or, in this case, from a single post. It is the reason most influencers open an account.

Although, the story of celebrities is different. Why do they open an account? And How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2021?

How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2021

The Instagram celebrities

The reason why most of the celebrities from various professions open an Instagram account is to market themselves. There are even celebs who earn more from Instagram endorsements than their professional career.

They charge money for every post and sponsor it for some brands. There are many people who even have posts related to their professions and have picked that as a niche for posting.

Since these celebrities are already popular: in the world, it doesn’t take much for them to gain a following over Instagram. However, you can get Instagram followers in various ways easily.

There are millions of people who also happen to be fans of these celebrities who follow them over Instagram. Therefore it is a great chance for them to market themselves over social media.

The top three most followed Instagram celebs

For the question of How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2021? Here are the topmost followed celebrities from different professions who are currently holding the position of most-followed people on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn’t know the Portuguese football player who currently is known as one of the best players in football history? Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest followed celebrity over Instagram. Although in the early years, Selena Gomez held that spot, since 2021, he has snatched that throne for himself.

The famous football player has more than 313 million Instagram followers to this date. He usually makes endorsements at a fee and also: posts images of family, friends, football matches, and training videos.

Ariana Grande

The next most followed celebrity and the young, talented music queen: Ariana Grande. She is the second most followed celebrity over Instagram.

She has more than 251 million Instagram followers and takes endorsements as well. It was one of the artists, which got fame in her early years of profession.

She has had three songs in the most played songs for months on the billboards. She is famous for her ponytails, and with millions of followers, she seems worthy of such an Instagram following.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Who doesn’t know The Rock from wrestling? Dwayne Johnson is the third most followed celebrity over Instagram. The guy who first used to wrestle has a career and is one of the bulkiest humans on the Earth.

Later, he more focused on Hollywood and acted in many movies, with Fast and the furious being one of the major hits.

Although, this heavy guy isn’t famous for acting or wrestling over Instagram. If one sees this guy, all that one will see: is Gym.

He is a gym freak and trains his body every single day and posts about it on Instagram. People who to see him work out and gain motivation from his posts.

How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2021

Final words

There are many other celebs who are followed by millions of people. Most of them are from the sports and music industry.

Although there are many people who aren’t celebs but still have a huge Instagram following because of the work they do.

Celebrities are one of the people who use these following to society’s advantage and spread awareness about many things and open charity funds for people in need.