Instagram is the most popular and intriguing social media app. It helps its users gain popularity as well as itself. You don’t just gain likes and followers with Instagram. You gain business opportunities and reach an audience that will value and consume your content. Will one account be enough to promote varied interests? If not, then how many accounts you have on Instagram in today’s date?

how many accounts can you have on Instagram
How Many Accounts Can You Have on Instagram? 3

Instagram certainly has some limits. And we wouldn’t really argue with the fact that several people don’t use Instagram the right way. But knowing about how many account you are allowed to have on Instagram will guide you in the right direction for sure.

In this article, we will be discussing all those limits. And also, if you can really get past them.

So, let’s get started!

Is there any particular limit to how many accounts you can have on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram limits how many accounts have on Instagram. The main purpose behind setting this limit is to keep its environment safe and enjoyable. Respecting these limits is the way to get past the stringent Instagram community guidelines and terms and conditions.

How many Instagram accounts can you have on one device?

You can log in to five Instagram accounts on a device at once. But what happens when you try to login into more accounts with the same phone or device. The following error will show up:

“Can’t add an account: You already have the maximum number of accounts active.”

To add another account, you will probably have to log out of one of the logged-in accounts. And then the other account will be active in the previous account’s place.

How many Instagram account can you have with the same email?

how many accounts can you have on Instagram
How Many Accounts Can You Have on Instagram? 4

Wondering about how many accounts can you have on Instagram with the same email? In theoretical terms, you can only have one Instagram account with one email. Well, that is surely the case with email providers other than Gmail. 

How Many Accounts can you have on Instagram same contact number?

You can create five Instagram accounts with the same contact number. If you try creating a 6th account with the same phone number, here’s what is going to pop up on Instagram.

“Sorry! There’s a problem signing you up right now. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”

If you require more accounts then you can always borough your friend’s or relatives’ contact numbers or else purchase a new one. Most people who are into Instagram automation go for multiple contact numbers. They can easily purchase these numbers from online sellers.

Multiple Instagram accounts can be linked to Facebook at once. But to keep things off the radar, we will recommend you to limit linking only up to five Instagram accounts. You should prefer linking only your main Instagram accounts to your Facebook account. 


Because if Facebook finds out that one of your Instagram accounts has been disabled due to some serious reason such as a serious Instagram policy violation, then Facebook might delete your account. It will delete your account despite the fact that you didn’t violate any Facebook terms and conditions.

How many accounts can you have on Instagram?

An individual can only have up to 5 Instagram account. Businesses are permitted to have more than 5 Instagram account. But they are expected to be extra careful when it comes to breaking Instagram policies. Business owners will also be required to submit some legal documents that clearly explain what their business is all about. 

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