At present, there are many platforms that allow users to share videos online. It’s safe to say that Instagram is probably among the pioneers when it comes to uploading videos. Besides offering another way of sharing posts, it offered a ton of opportunities as well. Since it began, there has been a lot of variations based on different features in the duration of these videos. Thus, let’s quickly get into the article on how long Instagram videos.

How Long Instagram Videos
How Long Instagram Videos: All That You Wish To Know 5

Videos on Instagram Post

The time limit on videos depends on whether you’re sharing it as a post or a story and so on. With regards to this section, we’ll talk about the duration of videos on an account’s main feed. The longest a video can be for a post feed is up to one minute. So, if your video turns out to be longer than that, you’re going to have to cut out some clips. Also, it’s better to remember that to avoid having to trim down videos in the process. 

For people who want to know how to do that, quickly follow this short tutorial.

Go to the video that you want to share in the photos section and click on “Next.” If your video within the minute limit, you can simply go ahead. But if your video happens to be more than the prescribed limit, chop it down. The interface of the app selects a one-minute on its own if the videos cross the limit. From here, you can trim out and include the parts you want. 

How Long Instagram Videos: Stories 

Instagram restricts the users to a maximum of 15-second videos on its stories. That is way lesser than the cap of a minute on feeds. But unlike feed videos where you cannot post the trimmed parts at all, stories allow users to do that. If your video happens to over and above the 15 seconds mark, the app will slice it into two different stories. But that doesn’t mean you can post a continuous two-minute-long video on your story.

Just like the feed videos, there is a limit of one minute. If you post a one-minute video on your story, the app will slice it into four different stories. So, it’s obvious that these four stories will each be 15 seconds long. Plus, even for stories, make sure you edit your video properly before posting. That is if you don’t want an abrupt two seconds video on your story.

Besides, you can make it easier for yourself by using the Instagram Story Live feature. In contrast to the four 15 second stories, it allows to record up to ten of such stories. Thus, social networking managers can reap huge benefits from this feature. 

Videos on Reels

Reels is perhaps the latest addition to Instagram. It’s very much like the TikTok app in the sense that it allows users to record snippets. The length of these videos is within the range of 15 to 30 seconds.

The maximum length of Instagram videos
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How Long Instagram Videos: Live

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In comparison to the video length limits on a story and feed, the time limit of Instagram is considerably longer. The feature allows the users to go live for a maximum duration of one hour. Instagram Live is very efficient for hour-long streams. If that one hour falls short, users can always start the IG Live again. 

But what’s vital to know here is the transition between the two Live sessions. Ensure to have a proper transition from the first Live video to the next for best efficiency. 

Videos on IGTV

Best ways to post videos on IG
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It still hasn’t been that long since the addition of IGTV to the list of Instagram’s amazing features. But that hasn’t deterred users from coming out with the best ways to make use of it. IGTV subsumes the time limits of a story, but it’s longer than a feed video. With the IGTV, you can post a video that falls within the range of 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Besides, there’s a different section for IGTV on your feed. 

Also, the cap on the video length rises sixfold if you’ve many followers. The same is true in the case of a verified account. Especially for such accounts, the users can post videos that are up to an hour-long on their IGTV. Also, if you wish to learn how to get more followers on Instagram, hit us up.