How Long Can an Instagram Video Be? Instagram provides a lot of features to all its users not just regarding the safety and security of the user but also for various others. Instagram provides an option of having a private account where only the people you follow will be able to see your profile along with the post and videos that you share. Instagram also allows its uses to use their account without any security threats. It is one of the safest social media platforms to use. 

You would be well aware that you could post photos and videos on the Instagram app and that it is a social networking service that allows the users to engage with their audience in a short period. If you are a new user and do not know much about the features of Instagram and how it functions you are in the very right place. 

The post below will help you to know how long can an Instagram video be or the videos you upload on the Instagram account of yours. The answer to this question is not that simple as it seems to be. Instagram allows the length of the video based on where you post them. Depending upon where the user uploads their videos on the Instagram platform, the length of the videos is decided. To know more about this, continue reading further.

How Long Can an Instagram Video Be?

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If you wish to upload a video on your Instagram handle, here’s what you need to know before. The length of a video that you post on Instagram varies depending upon where the users upload them. We would be provided in the section below three of the main ways you can post your videos on Instagram. 

We will also be telling you about the length of the video you could upload in all these three ways. So, keep reading the article to know everything about posting videos on Instagram especially if you are a new user and want to learn all about the social networking platform that is Instagram.

  • The Livestream videos

The first in the list comes to the live stream videos. If you are going for a live stream video, the time limit for your video is around 60 minutes per live stream video. 

All your livestream videos that you do will be available to your followers later. They could also watch these videos after your video ends that is the users will be able to watch these videos not just when you are live but also afterward.

The Livestream videos
How Long Can an Instagram Video Be? 4

Though, you will also have an option to disable rewatch so that the users will not be able to watch your live videos later. The time limit for one live stream video is around 60 minutes but you could immediately do another live video after your 60 minutes has ended so you would get more than 60 minutes for your video broadcasting as well as recording. 

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Now that you know about the time limit for the Livestream video, let us move to the next section.

  • Videos in stories

Next in the list comes the video that you post in the stories. You might be wondering how much long videos could you post in your stories. If you think you could post a video of around 60 minutes as in the case of live stream video you are mistaken. 

Videos in stories
How Long Can an Instagram Video Be? 5

The time limit for the videos which you post on the Instagram stories is around 15 seconds. So, you are supposed to post a video that is around 15 seconds and not more than that. Though, there is another way to post a long video in your story as well. What you could do here is that you could split up the video into 2 separate segments and then upload these segments one by one in your story. This way you will be able to work around the limitation of 15 seconds in your story. 

Know one thing well before posting your stories that stories last for 24 hours and not more than that, so that the users would be able to post the less important videos over the stories than posting them in their feed.

You can now proceed further to know the time limit for the videos on Instagram TV. Continue reading further to know all about uploading Instagram videos.

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  • IGTV videos

Before going into details of the length of videos you could post on IGTV, we would first like to introduce you to the concept of IGTV. IGTV is nothing but InstaGram TV. Instagram allows the users to upload a video of around 60 seconds on their feed but the feature of IGTV would allow them to upload a video of around 60 minutes. 

IGTV is InstaGram TV that is used for sharing long videos on the Instagram platform. Coming to the point of the length of videos you could post on IGTV, it is restricted to around 15 seconds to 10 minutes for most of the users but the verified accounts or the accounts of the people who have a large mass of followers would be able to upload videos of around 60 minutes. This was all about the length of videos you could post on Instagram TV.

Instagram is one of the best platforms that is used by a large mass of people. Almost every individual these days has an account on Instagram. It is a platform that helps not just an individual to connect with other people but also helps the start-ups to increase their reach and connect to the audience or clients in a much better way. 

So, if you do not have an Instagram account, make one quickly so as to engage with more and more people. The more you engage yourself with people the more chances will be of your business to grow. You can also buy Instagram followers to increase your reach. Buying Instagram followers will help you expand your business and connect to your clients.